Is Bertony Shop Scam or Legit {June 2023} Read Reviews!

The below article will give you the correct answer to the question, Is Bertony Shop Scam or Legit, by going through reviews and essential factors.

Are you searching for an online shopping website that deals with home essential products? Have you heard about the Bed Bath & Beyond store? If you are a native of the United States, you must have heard about Bed Bath & Beyond stores. But did you know that there’s an online shopping website named Bertony Shop that is helping Bed Bath & Beyond to sell its products? 

Bertony Shop claimed that they are selling original Bed Bath & Beyond shop products. But before trusting this website, we should learn- Is Bertony Shop Scam or Legit


What are the authenticity points of Bertony Shop?

  • On 17th April 2023 is the creation date of the Bertony Shop. 
  • The owner of the Bertony Shop updated the domain on 25th May 2023.
  • The website will expire on 17th April 2024.
  • The trust index of the Bertony Shop is horrible. It is only 0.4%.
  • The website’s popularity is again extremely poor. 
  • We have found a valid HTTPS connection on the website of Bertony Shop. 
  • The website received 60 out of 100 as the threat profile and malware score.
  • The lack of Bertony Shop Reviews makes the website fishier. 
  • Though the spam score of the Bertony Shop is only 1%, Bertony Shop’s proximity to suspicious websites is 100 out of 100. 
  • The website lacks the owner’s details. 
  • The website is not detected by any blacklist engine. 
  • The Bertony Shop got 19 out of 100 as the phishing score. 

What do you mean by Bertony Shop?

The online shopping website, Bertony Shop, deals with various household essentials that we use in our daily lives. Tents, folding camping chairs, curtains, pillows, blankets, rocking chairs, swing chairs, cooking tools, and hammocks are some items you can find in the Bertony Shop. 

It might sound interesting, but don’t forget to learn- Is Bertony Shop Scam or Legit? We don’t want our readers to face any financial loss. So, before purchasing any items from the Bertony Shop, please go through the specifications of the Bertony Shop. Thus, you can save yourself from a scam 

Read the specifications of the Bertony Shop:

  • is the official website URL link for the Bertony Shop.
  • Customers can contact the Bertony Shop by sending emails to
  • We could not find the official address of the Bertony Shop.
  • There are social media logos on the official website of the Bertony Shop that will redirect you to another page.
  • International deliveries take 1 to 3 business days to deliver. But if you order from Russia or Brazil, it can take up to 7 days.
  • Refund and return policies are available.
  • The Bertony Shop accepts VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and other payment methods. 

Is Bertony Shop Scam or Legit? Check the Pros and Cons.

Pros of Bertony Shop:

  • Free shipping is available on orders above $39.
  • They provide a vast collection of products.
  • The cost of the products is very cheap. 

Cons of Bertony Shop:

  • The owner’s details and official address are missing from the website.
  • Email is the only way to contact them.
  • Third-party websites can steal your data. 
  • The staff of the Bertony Shop can access your password and other details.

Bertony Shop Reviews:

Not a single customer gave a review for the Bertony Shop. We have searched various online portals for reviews. But we could not find any customer reviews. Though the website is two months old, no one buys anything from this shop. 

The maximum number of online portals warn consumers not to buy from the Bertony Shop. They mentioned that the Bertony Shop is a fraudulent website, and you can face financial loss if you purchase anything from them. So, before taking further action, please learn- how to be safe from a credit card scam


The Bertony Shop is absolutely a fraudulent website. If you notice the authentication points, you can get your answer. With a 0.4% trust score, it is impossible to trust a website. So, please be careful while choosing such websites for shopping. You can select a trustworthy and reliable online shopping portal to purchase blankets

Will you still purchase blankets from the Bertony Shop? Please comment and learn how to detect a PayPal scam

Is Bertony Shop Scam or Legit– FAQs:

Q.1 Is the Bertony Shop a fake website?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 Who created the website?

Ans. It is unknown.

Q.3 How to contact them?

Ans. Via email.

Q.4 Is shipping free over $39?

Ans. Yes.

Q.5 Do they sell curtains?

Ans. Yes.

Q.6 How old is the website?

Ans. Two months and fifteen days old.

Q.7 Can we trust the Bertony Shop?

Ans. No.

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