IRS Math Error Notice 2021 (Sep 2021) Get Informed Here!

The guide shares details about the IRS Math Error Notice 2021 that millions of American taxpayers are receiving from the IRS.

Many people in the United States are confused after receiving the Math error letter from the Internal Revenue Service. The letter highlights many Math errors in the tax files, and now recipients are worried that they owe more to IRS than they estimated for the fiscal year 2020.   

The tax agency in America has sent over eleven million Math Error notices to the taxpayers, which are over five times than the year 2019 and 14 times more than 2020. The IRS Math Error Notice 2021 demands adjustments and reduces refunds for taxpayers. 

What is the IRS Math Error Notice?

IRS Math Error Notice is the letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service for millions of taxpayers in the United States. It is the notice for the taxpayers to highlight the Math Errors in their tax files.  

The notice highlights the errors in tax calculation. It demands more money as taxes or reduces the refunds. So, if you have received the Math Error letter, it means you owe money to IRS, which you have to pay in a few weeks to avoid interest charges and penalties.

Is IRS Math Error Notice 2021 an Audit?

No, it is not an audit by the IRS as the notification is not urging the taxpayers to examine and review their financial data on the tax file. Instead, it only highlights that the taxpayers’ tax calculation is wrong, and they owe more money than they paid as tax in the fiscal year 2020-21 or due a small refund.

There are many underlying reasons for receiving the notice, ranging from math error on calculation, missing or improper Social Security Number, or the last name of the claimed dependent, which is mismatching the IRS data. So, if you receive the IRS Math Error Notice 2021, don’t panic; instead, read it to know what error has been highlighted to rectify it.  

Is It Possible to Challenge the IRS Math Error Notice?

Yes, you can challenge the notice, especially if you find the error highlighted in the notification is wrong. But, IRS makes the process a bit complicated. Taxpayers who find the errors are improper and incorrect may call the IRS at (800-829-8374) and review the account with the IRS representatives. 

Taxpayers get a window of 60 days to request the reduction of the amount owed after receiving the IRS Math Error Notice 2021. So, they have to accompany their application with additional documents to explain why you don’t owe the claimed amount to IRS. 

So, if you fail to contact IRS within a 60-days window, your rights to reverse the charges are withheld, and you can’t appeal the notice. But, you can claim a refund once it is already paid. 


Over millions of letters were sent to the taxpayers by IRS, highlighting the calculation error in their tax files. Taxpayers who have received the IRS Math Error Notice 2021 get a timeframe of 60-days to appeal the notice or pay the money they owe to the IRS.   

What step are you planning to take if you receive the Math Error Notice 2021? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

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