Iron Island Shiny Stone (Jan 2022) Where To Find It?

In this Iron Island Shiny Stone post, you will know where to find Shiny Stone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearls games

Are you searching for ways to find the Shiny Stone in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearls? Then you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss all the games and how to get Shiny Stone.

These games are available for Nintendo Switch players, and gamers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and worldwide love these games so far. 

Let us discuss Iron Island Shiny Stone further in this post. 

What are Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearls?

Both the games are based on a famous anime series which you might have guessed is Pokemon. Also, these gamers are the remake of 2006 role-playing games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in Nintendo. These games were released recently on 19 November 2021 but have made their place in many gamers’ choices.

The base of these games is similar to the original Pokemon anime. In these games, trainers can use different varieties of unique stones like the Iron Island Shiny Stone. These stones give trainers the ability to transform their Pokemon into more powerful creatures.

How To Get Shiny Stone?

The process to get this stone is not so complicated until you make it, and there are different ways you can acquire Shiny Stone in the game. 

The Shiny Stone is available in both games. The two places you can get Shiny Stone are Iron Island and 228 Route. Another way to get Shiny Stone is to use a Pokemon with Pickup ability while exploring the game.

Where To Find Iron Island Shiny Stone?

Below is the step-by-step guide to finding Shiny Stone in Iron Island:

  • Inside the game, go to Iron Island, then head to the cave situated at the island’s center.
  • You will see stars on the right side. Take that and go south towards the elevator.
  • After arriving there, move towards east and then south to locate one more elevator.
  • Take or ride the elevator and go left to find another one.
  • Now, take the next elevator and move up.
  • If you have arrived in the upper portion, you will get the Shiny Stone on the right side.

You have got Iron Island Shiny Stone. The process is a bit confusing if you are a newbie to this game, but the process might seem straightforward to you if you have been enjoying this game for a while.

The Final Verdict

This game has broken records of many top games of 2021. Also, there are massive changes in the game which makes it more interesting. 

The main highlight of these games is that they are developed by ILCA, which makes the games the first main Pokemon games not developed by Game Freak. Check out here to learn more about these games.  

Have you enjoyed this game? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share this Iron Island Shiny Stone post to inform others. 

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