Impenk Reviews {June} Is This A Legitimate Site Or Scam?

Impenk Online Website Reviews

This article on Impenk Reviews, shares all the details about the website, the product deals, and the web-portal worthiness. Follow our blog to know further.

Are you looking for trendy wear? Failed to find your desired clothes on an online shopping portal? Then this web portal is just made for you. This article sells all the latest designer clothes. This website was developed in the United States.

Today in this Impenk Reviews, we will cover all the details about the web portal, furthermore the products it deals with and the Legitimacy of the website. Are you excited to know about the website? Follow our blog below to learn further.

What is

This is a fashionable shopping portal dealing in all types of latest design clothes and which suits the latest trend. The website is specialised only in dresses. The quality of their clothes is fantastic. The design of their clothes is excellent and fashionable. But since it is an online shopping site, buyers were often willing to know Is Impenk Legit or a scam? To understand the worthiness of the shopping site.

Stating Important points:

  • The URL of the Domain: 
  • The existence of the Domain: 27/03/2022 is its existence date.
  • The Web-portal Expire date: 27/03/2023 is its lapsed date.
  • Email facility:
  • Website official location: 105 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60605, USA, is the web portal’s official location.
  • Support on Call: 5512209033 is its phone number. 
  • Web founder information: No information about the founder is present.
  • Policy on delivery: The web portal takes 4-7 days to deliver the order.
  • Free shipping limit: It allows free shipping on its every order.
  • Details on standard delivery: Following Impenk Reviews, there is no information on standard delivery.
  • Social network account: The web portal has Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger accounts.
  • Tax duty: The customer has to pay the customs duty.
  • The Order return facility: It allows a return facility of 30 days.
  • Methods for payment: Master Card, Paypal, Credit card etc.

Benefits of

  • It is available on the social media platform.
  • It allows various ways of payment for customer convenience.
  • It has shared its contact details for customer service.

Limitations of

  • It has not shared its necessary founder details. 
  • It does not allow an accessible shipping facility. 

Is Impenk Legit or a scam web portal?

The buyers should remain alert and follow all the information on the web portal before purchasing anything. Given below are some of the points which will allow us to understand its Legitimacy:

  • The presence of domain: The presence date of the website is 27/03/2022, which is quite a new website. 
  • Contact on Phone: 5512209033 is its phone number for contacting.
  • Logo of Social media: The web portal has Facebook, Twitter, and Messenger accounts.
  • Points of trust: the website has horrible trust points, only 2%.
  • Product discount rate: There is no information available on its discount rate on its homepage.
  • Website location: In accordance with Impenk Reviews, 105 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60605, USA, is the web portal’s official location. 
  • Policies and terms: It has different pages for its policies and terms.
  • Percentage of content duplicated: No data on content copied from the other websites is available. 
  • Alexa rank: No data is available on the Alexa ranking of the web portal.
  • The facility on Refund: Refund gets deposited to customer official mode of payment.
  • Freight on order return: No information on return freight is available on its webpage.
  • Service on Non-refunding: It allows non-refunding service on perishable goods, personal care products and custom goods.
  • Order Cancel method: The order can be cancelled before being delivered to the customer.

Impenk Reviews:

The website lacks customer reviews rating on its products. But it has various accounts on social media. In contrast, the Alexa rank of this site is not available to know the Legitimacy of the web portal. Here a customer must know- Get Your Money-Back From PayPal Scammers

Summing Up:

The website lacks a web-based market experience, and customers fail to trust their products. It has a horrible trust rank. But the web portal has various accounts on social sites, whereas there are no customer reviews and ratings on its product as per Impenk Reviews. The buyer isn’t relying on their products. This web portal is a scam, and we suggest all the buyers remain careful with such Web-portal. Whereas buyers should also know- Methods To Get Money Back On Credit Card.

Have you ever faced a credit card Scam? Share your views.

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