Tips for successful immigration to Malta

The tiny island state in southern Europe is very popular not only among tourists but also among emigrants of any nationality who have sought to move to Europe for years. They are attracted not only by a pleasant climate, magnificent nature, and beautiful ecology but also by a high standard of living, a loyal tax system, and the opportunity to develop their own business. The Republic of Malta is a full member of the European Union, which encourages investors worldwide to get Maltese passports and move to the exotic island for a comfortable stay. Several helpful advice will help make the move smooth and stress-free.

Understanding Immigration to Malta

Initially, the applicant should understand who and under what procedure can legally move to Malta. The fastest and most guaranteed way is the investment program. For this, one will have to contribute at least 650,000 euros to the public economy of the country. Another 25,000 must be paid for each minor child and spouse. And 50,000 euros for each adult child and other relatives.

Studying the laws and legal regulations of the island state relevant to immigrants is essential to collect and submitting documents quickly. And to be guaranteed to get approval, one should seek help from a specialized migration agency. This issue is covered in more detail at

Preparing for Your Move

Before you move, you should study all aspects of life in the country where you want to emigrate for temporary or permanent residence. It is about culture, traditions, economy, language, and other things. Finding a job or thinking about organizing your own business in an exotic country is vital. It is also necessary to rent or buy a house and think about medical services and children’s education if planning to immigrate as a family. It is essential to take care of finances for the first time of living and arrangement of life in a new country. Malta, don’t forget to register with the local municipality and pay your taxes accordingly. If you need assistance regarding the fiscal rules here, this team of local accountants

The choice of region and city depends directly on the goals of the move: for business development, education, or for a quiet and measured life in beautiful nature.

Before you go to a Mediterranean EU country for good, studying the reviews of people who have immigrated is recommended. Consider all the pros and cons, and understand the peculiarities of life of the Maltese. You’ll be pretty happy if you’re going for the beautiful and measured way of life. It can be boring for those who like an active and dynamic life.

Applying for Immigration

There are several ways to immigrate to a Mediterranean state legally:

  • To get a job or organize your own business in the territory of the Republic;
  • to come to study at one of the universities in the country;
  • to invest personal funds in real estate in Malta;
  • to marry a citizen of the Republic or to be reunited with relatives.

The simplified immigration scheme involves a few simple steps:

  1. Draw up an agreement with EU-licensed lawyers.
  2. Get a passport from any EU country. For example, Romania.
  3. On the rights of a citizen of the European Union to live, work, study, do business, and enjoy all the benefits of Maltese citizenship.

So you can quickly realize your dream and move to live by the sea in a prosperous, beautiful country with a booming economy and excellent prospects.

Successful Integration in Malta

To become conventionally Maltese, you will have to make certain efforts, namely: 

  • to find a job in the Republic in your specialty:
  • to rent or purchase a home;
  • to take out medical insurance;
  • to learn the Maltese language:
  • to study the history and culture of the new country of residence;
  • to get acquainted with the local attractions and traditions;
  • to try all the local dishes.

According to Immigrant Invest specialist Zlata Erlach, not everyone can become their own in a foreign country. However, arranging life in it with maximum comfort is pretty realistic.

Legal Assistance and Support Services for Immigrants

Moving to another country for permanent residence should be entrusted to the specialists of a migration company. Experienced lawyers will help competently prepare all documents, calculate costs, and will accompany the applicant at each stage of the move. Getting citizenship in Malta is not so easy. And if you do not want to wait years for the coveted passport, pay attention to simplified immigration programs for work, training, and business. 


Now you know the process of preparing to relocate to Malta. And if you finally decide to change your residence, you can’t do without the help of migration company specialists. With their expert advice and legal support, immigration to Malta will become your reality in the very near future. And it will open new prospects and opportunities for you and your family. So do not delay realizing your plans; take action already today.

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