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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere on the internet about the newly launched website Iamhellmaster com.

Did you know Iamhellmaster.com is a recently launched website? The website aims at taking full advantage of another website with a similar name but with a different URL.

NETFLIX came up with two Twitter video posts at @Strange_Things on 12th April 2022, in the United Kingdom and the United States. The first video post made NETFLIX fans eager about the upcoming fourth season of Strange Things. But what about Iamhellmaster com? Let’s check below.


As usual, NETFLIX nailed the attention of its viewers by showcasing an old clock and ending the video by informing them that the trailer of the fourth season will be updated tomorrow. The fans of Strange Things got excited and waited for the trailer. 

On 12th April 2022 at 7:30 PM, @Strange_Things unveiled the entire length of a trailer which was 3:16 seconds long. The trailer informed us that a war is coming, and it is tougher than a storm. It spoke about the relocation of friends to Hawkins who might not be safe anymore. Further below, we will check about Iamhellmaster com. Irrespective of the trouble, they decide to win the war in the end. 

Curious viewers discovered that the trailer in itself holds clues at various time stamps. Immediately the fans started resolving the clues. The trailer’s updated social media posts give essential information at time stamps 00:33, 00:52, 1:46, and 2:30 in the 3:16 minutes extended trailer.

At the time stamp 0:33, viewers found the alphabets I, A, and M. At 0:52, the word ‘HELL’ was spotted. At 1:46, the alphabet S was discovered, and finally, they found the word MASTER. One of the viewers reached the URL Iamhell S master.com BUT NOT Iamhellmaster com

Iamhell S master.com is indeed related to the fourth season of the Strange Things. It is a one-page website with countdown times that will end on 29th April 2022, the same day NETFLIX will air the fourth season!

Iamhellmaster.com does not offer anything on its own except links to sponsored websites selling various products and services. The website is a search engine in its initial stages. The policy content and customer service contact information are unspecified, and the identity of the website’s owner is hidden using internet censorship services. 

About Iamhellmaster com:

NETFLIX trailer helped IamhellSmaster.com to gain immense popularity. Taking advantage of this trend, Iamhellmaster.com was launched on 21st April 2022. However, Iamhellmaster.com has a terrible Trust Index of 1%, a below-average business rating of 42.9%, and a Zero Alexa rank. Iamhellmaster.com scored 42/100 on the suspicion profile. 


Iamhellmaster.com is a Scam trying to take advantage of the NETFLIX Strange Things Trailer website Iamhell S master.com which is trending on the internet. The mission of Iamhellmaster.com is unknown as it does not have any category of product, services, or information to offer. The domain may have been registered to be sold in the future for profit as the URL has already become popular.

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