Hyfol Reviews {Oct 2022} Is This A Legitimate Website?

This article discusses the Hyfol Reviews to reveal its legitimacy by going through all the essential factors.  

Are you looking for an online shopping platform to enhance your outfit look? This winter season, the Hyfol website has brought a variety of winter dresses for the United States to make them look glamorous. But do you think that all the available online shopping portals are legit? Read the complete blog to reveal your answer and analyze all the factors by going through Hyfol Reviews in detail. Let us first discuss the Hyfol website in brief!

What is Hyfol.com?

It is a Hong-Kong based online e-commerce portal that sells various kinds of clothing for both men and women. They also claim they believe in working together and dealing with travellers with the best gears and outwears. As per the official website, their main mission is to defend the pride in self, family and freedom. This is basic info about this portal. Let us endorse specifications in detail to know, Is Hyfol Legit?

Features of Hyfol.com

  • Domain URL – https://www.hyfol.com/
  • Creation Date – 21st April 2021, at 12:00, am.
  • Website Type – online portal selling different outfits for both Men and Women.
  • Email – contactus@hyfol.com.
  • Contact Number – +86 19868582106
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy – They will process the shipping as soon as they get the order notification, and it takes approximately 10-12 business days to deliver the product.
  • Return and Refund Policy – 30 days return policy and refund will be processed once they get the product and will take up to 7 days reflecting in your account.
  • Customer Reviews – We cannot fetch Hyfol Reviews on the official website and other websites.
  • Social Media Presence – icons are visible for Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

From the above factors, this website seems to be legit but does not conclude. Let us discuss some Pros and Cons before analyzing legitimate factors in detail.

Positive Highlights

  • This website gives a 30 days return policy.
  • Social media links are present over the official website.
  • For any query, an email id is being provided.
  • Easy sorting for the products.

Negative Highlights

  • Hyfol Reviews are not present anywhere over the official website and social media pages.
  • Website popularity is very low, only 2806436.
  • The owner’s information is also not present. The only available data found is that someone from China owns this website.
  • Negative reviews are seen on trusted review websites.

From the above highlights, the Negative one looks superior to the Positives. However, we still need to check all the legitimate factors in detail to analyze whether a website is a scam or not and should be reliable and easy. Let us now discuss all those in detail!

Reveal the factors to know Is Hyfol Legit?

  • The domain creation date is 21st April 2021, which is less than a year, and the expiry date found is also 21st April 2022 (less than 6 months left). The recently launched website is about to expire, so think before shopping.
  • While looking for the above address, it is found to be of some Ominar Technology Co company. Ltd. This makes this website a scam.
  • As per the research, the Trust Index found is only 21.4 out of 100, which is also very poor.
  • Hyfol Reviews are absent on the official website and the social media links.
  • The Malware Score and Trust Score are only 1%, making it highly suspicious.
  • The social media links are active but with lesser information and no reviews.
  • We cannot get the legitimacy factor for a contact number and Email ID, so whether they are working or not cannot be said.
  • The Content found copied from other websites. This is also another negative factor. 

The above factors make this website a highly suspicious portal, so let us discuss reviews in detail for clear transparency. 

Hyfol Reviews: What Customers Experienced

As we all know, customer reviews make any website transparent, but the absence of the same makes a platform suspicious. So for the Hyfol website, we cannot fetch any reviews on any platform, but on the review website platforms, we can get negative reviews clearing that they have neither got the refund nor the product. Also, if you have placed an order from this website and wish to share your reviews, you can help us via commenting in the section below.

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Final Words

As per our conclusion for Hyfol Reviews, we can say that this website is not legit and recommend using a trusted ecommerce portal for your online purchase. We also have provided all the legitimate factors to our readers to analyze the website legitimacy on their own.

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