Hutchinson Trump Wiki {June 2022} Cassidy Testimony!

Hutchinson Trump Wiki has discussed the testimony of a former White House intern in front of the Committee probing the Capitol Hill riot.

Do you know the details of the testimony delivered by a former aide to the White House chief of staff? The former intern to the White House during President Trump’s tenure has testified before the committee probing the 6th January 2021 Capitol Hill assault. The intern Cassidy Hutchinson made stunning revelations on Tuesday in the ongoing Capitol Hill investigation.

This revelation will speed up the investigation and define the White House’s role in the riot. People in the United States are curious about Cassidy, and Hutchinson Trump Wiki has details on her along with Tuesday’s testimony. 

Cassidy Hutchinson Details: 

Hutchinson is a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and is currently testifying in the Capitol Hill riot case. Cassidy’s testimony becomes vital as she can bring many unknown facts in front of the investigating team. 

  • Name – Cassidy Hutchinson
  • Profession – Intern White House
  • Marital status – Not Known
  • Age – 25-26
  • University – Christopher Newport University (2019)
  • Active years – 2019-2021
  •  Political party – Republican

Cassidy’s testimony on 28th June indicates direct involvement of the former President in the 6th January incident.

Cassidy Hutchinson Trump Testimony 28th June:

According to Cassidy’s testimony, the White House appears to be directly involved in the Capitol riot. In her testimony, she revealed that the planning at the White House got her concerned about the violence on 6th January 2021. She added that words like “proud boy” and “oath takers” were heard when Rudy Giuliani was present in the White House.

According to Cassidy, Rudy also said that these things are real, and things may get worse on 6th January. In her testimony, Hutchinson added that a secret service agent informed the former President that people were armed with pistols, spears, and rifles. Cassidy Hutchinson Meadows recounted that Trump insisted on allowing them through metal detectors.

Hutchinson on Direct White House Involvement in Capitol Hill Riot:

Most of the revelations assume that Hutchinson overheard many things related to the planning of the 6th January coup and needs cross examination of other witnesses.

Some of the previous witnesses in the case have also claimed that Trump wanted to march with his supporters to Capitol Hill. Cassidy alleges that after instructing the crowd to head towards the Capitol, the former President tried to join them, but his aides were concerned about his security.

Tump on Cassidy Hutchinson:

The former President has reacted strongly to this allegation on his start-up platform Truth Social. He completely denied the allegation and said, “I hardly know who this person named Cassidy Hutchinson is and heard some negative things about her.” 

He also mentioned the car incident and said it is entirely fake and fabricated as nothing of that sort ever happened.

Final verdict:

Hutchinson’s allegation is too serious,  and could strengthen the criminal case against the former President. Although Donald Trump has out rightly denied it, the jury will try to unearth the truth behind the incident. 

Hutchinson Trump Wiki has quoted most of the revelations made by Cassidy on 28th June. Do you believe that Cassidy’s testimony is true? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, note that all the given details are based on internet’s research

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