How to Tell If CBD Oil Is Real or Fake: Check Customer Reviews

How to Tell If CBD Oil Is Real or Fake: One of the most talked-about supplements in the human health department is CBD oil. Numerous CBD brands and companies have made the CBD market confusing. With so many CBD products, you might be confused about how to spot fake CBD oil. 

Well, it’s not so hard to find a quality CBD oil. Here are some points to avoid rip-offs with these fake CBD oil companies.

Fraudulent Sales With Public Health Risk

When buying CBD oil, be sure to check the website of CBD company. The site of a fraudulent company will have intimidating language and unnecessary health claims. 

Before the exploding popularity of CBD, the FDA has warned companies not to claim CBD oil as a miracle. Also, FDA has issued warning letters to those companies who advertised CBD products without labelling cannabinoid content. 

You need to research before buying a CBD product. Try to find a reliable and trusted CBD company that sells high-quality products.

Customer Reviews

With a rise in online shopping, it has become easy to spot a company’s reputation through customer reviews. A fraudulent company cannot hide its poor-quality products behind flashing marketing anymore. 

You can check the customer reviews before purchasing a CBD product. Look out for several verified products reviews by their happily satisfied customer to opt for authentic products.

Product Pricing

Another indicator of fake CBD companies is their highest and cheapest selling techniques. If a company sells fake products, they will jack up the price as high as customers can pay. On the other hand, a CBD product at a cheap price must contain fake CBD. Typically, sellers lure customers by offering cheap and limited-time offer products.

Whether you buy CBD, remember to compare the prices of different sellers. If there is an extreme difference between prices, check out the ingredients for what you are overpaying. 

Check out the Product Label

For all customers, it is crucial to spend time reading the product label. Only reputable CBD companies mention their product ingredients on the label. Check out whether you are paying for CBD isolates, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum extract, what cannabinoids the product contains, CBD, CBN or CBC oils.

Additionally, the label will indicate the concentration of each product. Remember to check if the product contains all-natural and organic ingredients. 

One of the foremost things to check is the third-party lab test report. Honest and reputable manufacturers happily inform their customers about independent lab test reports. Contrary to this, if a seller does not state 3rd party lab report, it dictates that you are dealing with a sketchy vendor.

Product Packaging

High-quality CBD products always come in amber or dark color glass bottles. Dark glass bottles preserve the compound from the breakage of UV lights. 

If a company uses plastic or clear glass bottles, do not purchase from them. Clear glass bottles and plastic material cannot protect cannabidiol from environmental factors and contaminate oil over time.


With all the above-described points, you can find a real CBD oil for your needs. CBD certification is a transparent indicator of CBD oil quality.

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