How to Make and Edit YouTube Videos: Tips for Beginners

How to Make and Edit YouTube Videos – Most of the videos on the YouTube platform are not complete without minimal editing. You can get rid of bad, meaningless parts, instead of reshooting the entire video, add effects that will make the Video Caddy more attractive, etc. Therefore, a beginner needs to learn the basics of editing. This will make the content engaging and competitive. So, let’s study the basic things together.

Three tips for newcomers

There are many details that you should know before shooting and editing your first video: from the free install of the royalty free inspirational music to applying video effects. To make it easier for you to work on your first video, just follow these simple tips:

  • Make a plan and scenario

The process will go faster if you make a plan. First of all, you have to decide on the idea/theme of the video. Knowing this, you can easily shoot or select the necessary material. You can also go the other way and first study the videos you already have and decide for which topic/plot they are suitable. It is worth taking notes and immediately writing down the thoughts that come to mind since, in the future, this will help sort the material and quickly process it. 

  • Follow the basic rules of making a video

Pay special attention to the location where you plan to shoot. You can shoot both indoors and outdoors. The main thing is that the background does not attract too much attention; it looks good on the screen or matches the theme of the blog. It is crucial to keep an eye on the lighting so that the frame does not look too dark — most bloggers advise you to shoot in natural sunlight at the initial stage. Later, you can purchase additional lighting equipment to be able to make videos at any time of the day.

Divide the script into parts. Be sure to alternate between close-ups, mediums, and broad shots when shooting a landscape, and when you are filming yourself or another person. Do not be afraid to pause and make mistakes, you can cut them out further.

  • Edit the video before uploading it on YouTube

It is not recommended to upload “raw” materials on YouTube without any processing. Even if you managed to record everything you wanted in one shot, video without editing would look static and boring, regardless of the content. Many newbies feel insecure when it comes to editing videos. They are afraid that it will be difficult, and will take a long time to master a completely unfamiliar program. However, some of these troubles can be solved simply by choosing the right video editing program.

Making videos is a fun process, and running a YouTube channel is a cool modern hobby that can also generate good income in the long run. By following these tips, you can take the first step towards making your dream come true.

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