How To Get Facebook Settlement {May} Find Eligibility

The queries as to How to get Facebook Settlement are dealt with in this article. Find why and how Illinois is getting a check.

For all the Facebook users in Illinois, there is a check waiting at the door which could be as much as $397. This comes as a consequence of the end of a dispute relating to Facebook. The people of the United States are getting this amount from Facebook. The people from the Illinois state are getting this check for the alleged violation of Illinois Privacy Act by the Facebook. Now, we have to see How to get Facebook Settlement. This article would talk about the topic at length. 

Settlement Eligibility:

To be eligible for the settlement, the beneficiary must have been living in the state at least 183 days. The person must be the one for whom Facebook had made a facial recognition template. The citizens of Illinois are expected to get anything ranging from $200 to $400. The payments are starting to be rolled out from May 19, 2022 and people are eagerly waiting for them to be rolled out. It will take two weeks to pay all members.

Facebook Settlement Payout Date 2022: Why is Facebook Paying Checks to the People of Illinois?

As per above eligibility, anyone could be the recipient of a check as a penalty on Facebook for the violation of the privacy law of the state. The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act was violated by Facebook when the tech-giant stored the personal data of the citizens at its database. This certainly isn’t permissible under the privacy law mentioned above. 

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act which was passed by the legislature of the state in 2008 has mentioned that no entity can be allowed to collect the biometric data of citizens. But, Facebook brought a feature that gave the people with Tag Suggestions, which, at the face of it, was a effective violation of the said law. 

The Facebook Settlement Direct Deposit now has to be given to each individual by Facebook. A court in Illinois then ordered the Facebook to pay these checks to the class members. According to reports, the roll out has now started. The people of Illinois can expect their check this month.

Case Details:

The case by the prosecution alleged that the Facebook database has specifically broke the said law and has created face templates which are used to pick people on social media according to their biometric traits. Facebook, obviously, denied all such allegations. Hope, you know now How to get Facebook Settlement.

The tech giant contested the suit but lost it eventually. The application has also argued that it would switch off the operations regarding facial recognition entirely in 2021. But this argument could also not convince the court. Now, all the Facebook users from Illinois from 2011 for whom Facebook created a face template are to get a check. 


The people of Illinois are expected to get $397 after Facebook starts rolling out the penalty that has been imposed on it after it has violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. The court has ordered How to get Facebook Settlement to give each person whose facial recognized data was store with them, the required some of money. To know more, see Illinois facebook class action lawsuit details.  

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