How Old Trey Makai Is {Aug 2021} Get Complete Insight!

How Old Trey Makai Is {Aug 2021} Get Complete Insight! >> The motive of this article is to provide you complete information about a famous tik-toker, a popular dancer on social media.

Are you curious to know the age of your favorite Tik-Tok celebrity? then explore this article about Trey Makai, a popular Tik-Toker across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Young and talented people have always garnered a lot of fame in society. Trey makai is one of the examples of being famous as a kid. So ,let us explore more about this boy and read some amusing facts about him.

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Who is Trey Makai?

Trey makai is a Tik-Tok video creator and dancer who rose to popularity by uploading his choreographed dance performances on his account. He has gained many followers on Tik-Tok and Instagram through his unique dancing style. 

He also uploads vlogs on his YouTube channel which is known by his name. Therefore, he is famous on many social networking sites and has garnered a lot of fame in a short period.

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How old Trey Makai Is

Trey makai was born on the 21st of August 2008 in Salt Lake City, UT, United States. This makes him 12 years old. But his year of birth is unsure. Most probably his age is between 10 to 15 years.

His height is nearly 4 feet 4 inches and he weighs about 45kgs. He lives with his parents. He is an amazing dancer at such a young age and successfully impressed people of all age groups

According to our sources, his net worth has been estimated to be $200k.

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Before gaining popularity

Trey has been a dance enthusiast since his childhood. He has god-gifted flexibility which helps to ease his moves. He started uploading his dance videos on the internet in the mid-2020s and has now become a social media sensation within a year. He can be considered a wonderful child artist.

Present fame of Trey Makai

Trey makai has over 152k followers on Instagram and 48k followers on Tik-Tok he has also more than 6.23k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is an emerging star on social media. All this at such a tender age! He is a talented kid.

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In May 2021 his performance at Giveon’s ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ made him more famous.

He often collaborates with Zack Lugo, a fellow content creator.

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Final Verdict:

From the above research, we found that Trey Makai is a child superstar and a popular Tik-Toker who is famous for his dance videos

We can easily conclude that this boy is a child prodigy and has a bright future ahead of him.

We have learned complete detail on his birth information and How old Trey Makai Is.

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