Hongo Medialuna Fortnite {Jan} Find Getting Provision!

This research on Hongo Medialuna Fortnite will help all the gamers know the exact information of the crescent pickaxe.

Fortnite has been one of the top played games among all. Other games like Roblox, osrs have been a major source of attraction for people Worldwide. But Fortnite has stolen the soul of every gamer. 

Hongo Medialuna Fortnite will be our today’s focal point. Today’s article will be a helping hand for many gamers who have been playing Fortnite for many years. This term sounds weird, but you will love this feature after knowing everything about it.

What is the Fortnite Game?

Fortnite is an online gaming platform where multiple gamers can come together and share their gaming strategies to reach and fulfill a certain objective or task given by the game. This game was firstly invented by Epic Games in the year 2011. This game can be played on various platforms like iOS, PlayStation, Xbox series, and other tools. The director of this game is Donald Mustard. Further, we will discuss the method to use the new feature of the crescent shroom axe.

What does Hongo Medialuna Fortnite mean?

Hongo medialuna is a term used in Fortnite that mainly means nothing but a crescent moon-shaped shroom pickaxe. This is a newly launched feature in Fortnite. Many gamers spotted a bug while logging into their game. So, they asked for some compensation from the publishers. In return to that problem that was spotted in December’s last week, the epic game’s publication has set a giveaway of a pickaxe that is named a crescent shroom axe. 

You will be mesmerized to know that this harvesting tool is part of the King of Fungus set. You may not be aware that it is a Robellon object family. As per Hongo Medialuna Fortnite, we also found that this tool will soon arrive along with its equipment at the Robellon store. Gamers have to wait for its launch date.

How to get a shroom Pickaxe free of cost?

You will find multiple ways to get this crescent pickaxe. But, this article will guide an appropriate and easy way to get this crescent pickaxe free. What you all have to do is, you need to log in to Fortnite within a period. This time is mentioned below:

  • Between January 8, 2022 (1:00 CET) to January 10, 2022 (13:00 CET) 

It is collected from a trustworthy source as the epic game’s publication has announced this officially on their Twitter handle, according to our research on Hongo Medialuna Fortnite.

Other weapons in Fortnite

Fortnite is a battleground where players are landed on an island and fight to reach a goal. To fulfill their objective, they use multiple weapons. Here in this stanza, we will describe the weapons available in this game.

  • Assault Rifles with different DPS
  • Heavy assault rifles having different DPS
  • Burst Assault Rifles (different DPS)
  • Infantry rifles
  • Suppresses assault rifles
  • Tactical Assault Rifles
  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle

All these rifles prove useful for all gamers. You will get some weapons for free, but some are acquired with hard work.


As per Hongo Medialuna Fortnite, all the information was collected from relevant sources. And the information we got on Hongo Medialuna has been shared in this article. If you want to know more about Crescent shroom Axe, you can go through this link. 

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