Hit Piece NFT Scam (Feb 2022) Learn All Aspects Here!

In this post, we discuss a very trending and popular scam of today in NFT space and that is Hit Piece NFT Scam.

Non-Fungible tokens are getting loved everywhere on the internet, and it is on the brightest phase for NFTs. However, many things keep away NFTs from the real popularity. We have to take some cons of NFTs if we are accepting NFTs. One of the most common cons is NFT scams.

Many people from the United States and worldwide are getting scammed in the name of NFTs. In this post, we discuss one of the trending scams recently on NFTs. 

Let us know more about Hit Piece NFT Scam further in this post.

Briefing Hit Piece

So, the Hit Piece is a platform or NFT marketplace where you can buy, trade, and sell NFTs of your interest. The NFTs you will find on this platform are based on artists’ hit songs, from world-famous rapper Drake to small Australian bands. 

People can search and surf through their favorite songs in the NFT marketplace and buy whatever fits them the most, and those songs will be uniquely theirs. However, there’s a catch everyone is talking that Hit Piece is a scam.

What is Hit Piece NFT Scam? 

There is a scam behind this good-looking NFT marketplace, and that is the artists whose songs they are using on their marketplace haven’t even been informed that this platform is using their music. Every artist asks for their music to turn down from this Hit Piece platform which is right. 

A pact is a far way the artist hasn’t even been informed that their music has been used in exchange for money. As a result of their inappropriate actions, the website of this Hit Piece has been taken down, and there is no exchange of NFT currently because of Hit Piece NFT Scam.

Artists Reviews On This NFT Scam

Artists are pretty aggressive after knowing that this platform is selling a piece of art, and reviews on this platform are very negative.

Almost every artist is angry with this action of hit piece platform and there is one of the reviews – NFT website Hitpiece is selling our music (and others) without our consent or permission??!! If you PayPal us the $100 instead, we’ll come or visit over and play downsides, and we can have lunch – columbus_bne. 

Many reviews like this in context to this Hit Piece NFT Scam

The Final Verdict

This Hit Piece NFT platform is for sure a scam, and there is no reason for them to take and sell artist work no matter how their platform works. NFTs are surely getting popular, and it can be the future, but you have to avoid this scam before buying NFT. Do detailed research about the NFT marketplace from which you are buying, and then decide accordingly. Check here to learn more about this Hit piece scam.

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