How to Hire a Link Building Agency

Are you considering outsourcing your link building needs? A link building agency can be a great tool that helps you generate better SEO results. However, your results directly correlate to the experience and strategies of the link building agency you choose. We have compiled this guide to help you through the process of hiring a link building agency.

Consider Your Brand’s Needs

Before considering what link building agencies are out there, it can be helpful to consider your brand’s needs. Do you need a link building team that can take your campaign from start to finish? Do you need extra help building links for your clients and want white label services? Does the link building agency you choose need to work with other SEO professionals, either in-house or another partner?

It’s also important to note that many link building agencies offer generic packages. While these packages may benefit some businesses, they rarely fit the exact needs of every client. You may end up paying for a service that doesn’t offer everything you need or paying more per month for services you don’t want. It may make sense for some brands to go with an agency that offers customized plans.

This is also a good time to pinpoint your business goals. Why do you want to hire a link building company? Do you want to rank higher for your intended keywords? Do you want to drive more organic traffic to your online shop? Establishing these key performance indicators (KPIs) now can help you communicate what’s important to you when interviewing potential agencies.

Review Your Options

Once you have a good idea of what you’re looking for when choosing a link building agency, it’s time to review your options. Do your research to find the best link building agencies. If your business falls into a unique niche, you may want to find agencies with previous experience in it. Additionally, some industries, like law or ecommerce, are highly competitive and may also benefit from a link building agency with industry-specific experience.

Ask for Proof

After reaching out to a few link building agencies, it’s time to dive into their results. You’re paying the agency to bring you results, and the best way to predict their ability to do this is to review previous results. Consider the agency’s case studies and ask what client or project they’re most proud of. Any agency providing SEO link building services that understands the industry and knows what it takes to get results will be more than willing to share proof with you.

Consider previous client reviews of the link building agency. Take note of what clients like and dislike about the company. Some agencies may even be willing to connect you to past or current clients so you can hear for yourself how experienced they are. Of course, you could also check out their website. A link building agency’s website indicates its attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Ask Questions

Before committing to a link building agency, make sure you get all your questions answered. Find out how the link building process works, including how much involvement they expect from you. SEO can be a powerful digital marketing tool that brings you new traffic, but only when it’s done correctly.

Of course, one of the most common questions about SEO and link building is, “How long does it take to notice results?” It’s important to note that SEO takes time. An agency that makes unrealistic timelines or overpromises probably isn’t going to get you good results. Instead, they may submit your website to a lot of low-quality, spammy sites. While this may initially lead to a boost in rankings, it usually won’t take long for Google to penalize your website.

You can also use this process to understand better how the link building agency works. Do they communicate well both written and verbally? Do they respond to you in a timely manner, or do they take days or weeks to get back to you? Find out what tools they use to manage your campaign and when and how they’ll report results to your business.

Hiring a link building agency can be a great move if you want a better domain rating and more organic traffic. However, before you sign with any agency, make sure the link building company you choose has the skills and tools necessary to get you better rankings. Take the time to compare agencies and ask questions. The future of your SEO could depend on it.

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