Hicaps Comms Error (March 2022) How Do I Fix This Error?

In this post, we discuss HICAPS, and you will know how to resolve Hicaps Comms Error.

In this post, we specifically discuss an error that many users from Australia have been facing recently. HICAPS is a very famous health care provider, which we will also discuss in brief further in this post.

Errors have been the main issue for most famous platforms, whether a game, website or application. However, if there is an error, there is a way to resolve the error, which we will look further into this Hicaps Comms Error post. 

What is HICAPS? 

HICAPS stands for Health Industry Claims and Payment Service. It is an electronic health claims system that automatically allows HIF members to claim their health service provider.

For example, after seeing an Extras provider (such as a dentist or physiotherapist), the receptionist will give you a bill and inquire if you have health insurance. You can then provide them with your HIF membership card, which they will scan from a HICAPS machine, an electronic claiming terminal.

How To Fix Hicaps Comms Error? 

First, check the basic things like phone supply and terminal phone cable connections to fix the error. Here are some of the steps you can take to resolve the error:

  • Before you connect the telephone cable, turn off the terminal and unhook the power cord of the 110-Volt, or regional, ground power outlet.
  • An end of telephone cable should be plugged into the terminal.
  • Connect the opposite end of the phone wire to the wall jack on your phone.
  • To resolve Hicaps Comms Error connect the power cable connector to a regional, grounded power socket or 110-Volt, and turn on the terminal.
  • Check the cable quality and dial tone by connecting the phone line to the phone.
  • Every message bank on the line should be clear.
  • Call waiting should be disconnected.

Other Troubleshooting Options

By applying the following recovery steps, some users have been able to recover their terminals and to be able to solve the Hicaps Comms Error:

  • Press [*], select option  Terminal Restart and then tap on YES
  • After the terminal restarted, complete a logon by pressing [*]and selecting option Terminal Login > 1. NAB

The Final Verdict

The HICAPS is a very popular health care company, and they have made a dedicated page that addresses all the errors you might bump into on the terminal. Click here to see the official error resolving post of HICAPS.

What are your views on this Hicaps Comms ErrorDo you have some other troubleshooting options ? Please let us know in the comments section below. Also, do share this post to inform others and read here some tips on resolving errors.

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