Heybuye Reviews {Sep 2022} Is It Legit Or A Scam?

This article is all about Heybuye Reviews, and its goal is to educate consumers about this online buying site that may have trust difficulties.

Are you looking for supplies for your vacation? Have you visited the Heybuye website? It would help if you waited until you’ve completed reading this post before making any transactions on Heybuye.com.

People from the United States regularly search for vacation supplies at online stores in order to gather various things. They also search the Heybuye website for high-quality holiday facilities. Before you buy anything, read some Heybuye Reviews to find out what other customers thought about the quality of the items.

What is Heybuye?

Heybuye is an online e-commerce platform that sells products such as tents, namely the 6-Person Skydome Camping Tent, 4-Person Pop-Up Tent, and PEAK1 3-Person Backpacking Tent, among many others. Coolers like 316 Series 150-Quart Hard Cooler, Atlas Series 100-Quart Cooler With Wheels, 316 Series 150-Quart Marine Hard Cooler etc.

Apart from that, canopies are also available, namely DayTripper Beach Shade, 7 x 7 Go Shade Backpack Sun Shade, and Shoreline Instant Shade, among many others. You’ll find all the essentials for your trip right here. However, it would help if you were wary of Is Heybuye Legit before ordering its products

Specifications of Roollingcart’s online shopping site:

  • Website URL – https://www.heybuye.com/ 
  • Mail Address – service@colemanstore.com
  • Address – 8600 Washington Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660 
  • Payment methods – Paypal, Credit Card
  • Contact details – Not Available
  • Shipping Rules – There will be no additional shipping fees for returns, and customers will not be charged any restocking fees.
  • Return Policy – Heybuye allows order cancellation until the item is shipped or created. When an order is cancelled, the payment is refunded in full. Heybuye cannot cancel the order if the merchandise is already shipped out.

Many low-quality and fake websites sell low-quality or counterfeit vacation items and take customers’ money. Reading Heybuye Reviews might help you with avoiding such scams.

Pros of Heybuye’s online shopping site:

  • For its customers, Heybuye provides an array of genuine and easily accessible policies.
  • Heybuye promotes itself as a trustworthy source for the highest-quality vacation essentials.
  • Product variety is available.

Cons of Heybuye’s online shopping site:

  • This website only receives a 1% trust rating.
  • Reviews of the portal are negative on other websites.
  • The domain name for the website was only registered on March 17, 2022.

Therefore, before making a purchase, we advise reading a comprehensive evaluation of Heybuye. You’ll make a better decision about whether to buy after reading reviews.

 Is Heybuye Legit?

It is usually a good idea to confirm a platform’s legitimacy before using it.

  • Domain Details – Heybuye’s domain registration was done on March 17, 2022, and the expiry date of Heybuye’s domain is March 17, 2023. Its name while registering the domain was https://www.heybuye.com/.
  • Rank- The global rank and country-wise rank of Heybuye is not available.
  • Trust rating – Heybuye’s trust rating of its online shopping site is one percent, making us aware of buying its vacation essentials.
  • Trust Score – Heybuye’s online site has around 37.1 trust scores from one to one hundred over the web.
  • Customers’ opinions – There are no online reviews available for Heybuye.

Heybuye Reviews:

By reading the reviews posted on the website, you may discover what other people think of Heybuye. However, you should also make use of the information above to understand about Heybuye’s drawbacks.

Internet shopping has increased the likelihood that clients may be duped, and a number of techniques may be deceptive. Such deceptive websites prey on many online users. As a result, we have developed a number of standards to take into account prior to visiting the Heybuye website. We have not come across any Heybuye buyers or comments from customers that would persuade us to urge our readers not to shop there for holiday necessities.

Please check Heybuye Reviews before ordering. There is no social media presence for the official Heybuye internet store. Check how to Get Your Money Back From Paypal if Scammed. Therefore, understanding the Heybuye online store will help you confirm its credibility.

Final Verdict

Shortage of information is there regarding the website’s credibility and can be a scam. Also, Heybuye has a very low trust rank and trustworthiness score. However, get information on vacation essentials at

Likewise, you can read about How to Get a Full Refund on Credit Card Scam. What exactly did you think of our Heybuye Reviews? In the comments, please share your opinions about utilizing Heybuye’s online store.

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