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The following research on the Heardle Archive will guide the gamers on the rules, gameplay and other details. You can enjoy this game free of cost.

Are you a music fan? If yes, a new game was launched for music lovers a few days ago. This game is none other than Heardle Music. This game is one of the most favorite games, and many new gamers are searching for the Heardle Archive. The games have acquired Worldwide popularity. So many new gamers are keenly interested in playing this game.

This article comprises the gameplay and rules of the Heardle Music game. Kindly read this post.

Why are people asking about Heardle?

Heardle launches its daily puzzle. It is not a word game, but it is a sound game where the gamers have to guess the songs through their introduction. You get the countable chances to answer the puzzle. If you have tried this game, you might be aware of its rules. But if you are new, please read this post to know about it.

Heardle Archive Game

This game was launched by Josh Wardle. Heardle is another version of Wordle, but it is not a word game. It is a game of music where the gamers have to make the correct guess. The gameplay is quite simple. The gamers will hear an introduction to any particular song. Once they start the round, the tune will begin, and you have to guess the name of the song. The gamers will get limited chances to guess the correct song. 

If you want to know about its rules and where to play this game, you can refer to this post.

Heardle’s Gameplay 

The Heardle Archive is very easy to play. You need to follow a few steps, and you can own the winning title. The procedure is shared below:

  • Once you open the official website, you will see a search bar to search songs. 
  • The latest songs will be played, and you need to guess the answer.
  • Each player will get six chances to guess the song. If you are unable to think about the music, you can make another attempt.
  • You need to listen to the introduction, and then you have to search the artist and song title from the search bar.
  • Thus, the Heardle Archive will be solved if you answer it right. But, if you make a wrong attempt, the intro will get longer. 

Heardle has hidden hints, or the songs are archived. You can only guess the name of the artist and the title of the song by its introduction.


Summing up this post, we enlighten the lovers of Heardle with its gameplay and other essential rules. The gamers can enjoy the music and share the game, and score with their friends too. If you are a music lover, please visit the link to play the Heardle game.  

Would you like to mention your opinions on the Heardle Archive? Please comment below your views.

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