Handhtactical Dot Com Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Legit?

Are you longing to get the reliable results of a store selling protective items? Then, kindly update more facts on Handhtactical Dot com Reviews.

Do you want items for self-protection? Then, kindly read this post to review a United States shop. 

Self-defense is very important from protection against any physical fights in the world. Moreover, it also helps prepare an individual for unexpected situations, thereby increasing that person’s mental and physical health. 

Besides, a weapon also shelters from evils in such situations. So, this write-up will find the important facts on a portal selling defensive items through Handhtactical Dot com Reviews. Also, we will conclude its validity based on public reactions. 

Analyzing The Website 

Handhtactical.com is a cyber shopping site operated by Chris and Kayla Harding. They claimed to hold an NRA certificate on the portal and were trained to handle and trade weapons. In addition, they have stated in their store the following self-defense items and apparel are listed:

  • AR Parts
  • Firearms
  • Gift cards
  • Hoodies
  • Ammo
  • Gun parts 

They have also quoted maintaining a safe and user-friendly environment for offline and online customers. 

Supplementary Informations To Notice Is Handhtactical Dot com Legit?

  • The website’s address is https://www.handhtactical.com.
  • The firm delivers self-defence items like Body Armour, Ammo, Firearms, Knives, etc. 
  • The hints of the refund policy are not found exhibiting the website’s suspicious activity. 
  • You can connect with them via mailing to handhtactical@aol.com.
  • The shop is located at 924 Exeter Avenue Exeter, PA, 18644.
  • The phone number provided is (570) 213-4488.
  • The domain is six years and one month old because its establishment date is 21-11-2015.
  • No trace of return policy is detected, imparting questions.
  • The exchange policy is lacking. 
  • According to Handhtactical Dot com Reviews, the payment methods are not seen; but they have offered the user to select the preferable mode.
  • The social media connections are accessible on the website. 
  • You can pick the delivery method after the checkout process. 
  • The Newsletter feature exists over Handhtactical.com.
  • The absence of the shipping policy is noticed over the portal. 

Plus Points Of The Portal 

  • The 75.5/100 trust rank value is good.
  • The Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest icons are available. 
  • A reliable trust score of 86% is seen. 
  • The owner’s name is written. 
  • The Handhtactical Dot com Reviews revealed that on the Facebook page, numerous reviews are present.

Flaws Seen On The Site 

  •  All policy information is absent.
  •  The site hasn’t gained reviews on Trustpilot.

Is Handhtactical Dot com Valid?

It is necessary to check and analyze the details mentioned below because it will help the online shoppers to look at crucial details about the site. 

  • Site’s Creation Date– Through authentic resources, we have noticed that the portal’s creation date was 21-11-2015 and is six years and one month old. 
  • Policies– No hints regarding any policies are found; questioning Is Handhtactical Dot com Legit?
  • Trust Score– A trustworthy value is seen.
  • Founder’s Name– Chris and Kayla Harding are the shop owners. 
  • Buyer’s Comment– Several customers’ reviews are available on the site where they applaud their services. Moreover, on Facebook, also the buyers have found the store good. 
  • Portal Suspension Date– Handhtactical.com will terminate on 21-11-2025. 
  • Alexa Rank– We haven’t gained the Alexa rank value. 
  • Address Validity– The address evaluated over the site is legit, and the firm is also situated.
  • Trust Rank– An acceptable value is detected. 
  • Social Media Links– According to the Handhtactical Dot com Reviews, the connections of Facebook and Instagram are present. 

Shoppers’ Impression 

The site extracts a 5-star rating on Facebook, where almost all customers have appreciated the knowledge and services they provide. In addition, some users have quoted that the store provides a reasonable price of products.

Moreover, clients have added that Chris has good knowledge of weapons and thus suggested this place to others. Also, we have the user’s reaction to the site. But, on Trustpilot, no client’s reaction is exposed. Visit here to know how to deal with credit card scams.

The Final Verdict 

The write-up on Handhtactical Dot com Reviews has elaborated about an online store selling defensive weapons. Moreover, on the Facebook page, the website has a 5-star rating. 

But, after researching the site, we have detected that no policies are mentioned. Thus, we urge you to investigate the website properly before considering it. Read here to get a refund from the PayPal scams

Is the site legit or a scam? Kindly share your experience with us below to inform other buyers.

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