Gymmatts Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or A Scam?

Have you learned what Gymmatts Reviews are saying to online shoppers? If you love roaming websites, you should check out this writing once to be safe.

Do you want to earn confidence by managing weight? Today, we encountered a website selling gyming products, so kindly check our article to know its legitimacy details.

Several studies have found that muscle-building plays a crucial role in framing our personality. In addition, it also helps to create a well-mentioned metabolism, thus ensuring proper health. Hence, in this post, we will uncover an online seller’s identity, which many United States individuals have inquired about.

So, let us begin to peel Gymmatts Reviews to understand more hints about this site.

Displaying The Online Portal

We learned this e-shop provides home fitness products at a shallow rate. In addition, their team focuses on providing numerous prime equipment to their customers and solving their inquiries. According to the portal, they continue to expand their fitness product collection frequently to please their audience.

Some products offered by are Adjustable Dumbbell, Liquid Workout Chalk, Yoga Mat, Resistance Bands, Bike Pedal Exerciser, etc. Let us look at the under-stated paragraph to learn more about this portal.

Checking Its Salient Facts To Disclose Is Gymmatts Legit?

  • You can visit the website through
  • For delivery, the portal will take 7-15 days.
  • Over the portal, the store’s address is mentioned as 1050 South Hay Street, Knik-Fairview, Alaska 99654, United States.
  • The shipping is initiated within 48 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • The phone number is +1 (929) 229-2719.
  • We spotted the social network icons.
  • The newsletter feature is noticed.
  • The portal was launched 5 Months 12 Days ago, highlighting its creation date as 22-09-2021.
  • MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, etc., are the accepted payments mediums.
  • The Gymmatts Reviews displayed that the website gives users 14 days to return.
  • is the mailing address.
  • After getting the returned parcel, they will process the refunds within 7 days.
  • The portal supplies affordable fitness products.
  • You have to contact the team to exchange items.

How Will The Portal Benefit Us?

  • The presence of an email and telephone number is noticed.
  • We have detected the address details.
  • The social icons are available.
  • The newsletter facility is provided.
  • The free-shipping option is seen.

What Are the Website’s Loopholes?

  • According to Gymmatts Reviews, client responses are missing on the website or Trustpilot.
  • us gained a 58.5/100 Trust Rank.
  • The exchange policy details are not spelled accurately.
  • The social links are inoperative.
  • An unreliable 1% trust score value is seen.

Is Gymmatts Cheater?

The following pointers will aid us to extract the website sharply. So, let us inspect them below-

  • Portal Expiry Date– 22-09-2022 is the website’s cessation date.
  • Trust Score– An undependable value, i.e., 1%, is noticed.
  • Shoppers Reports– On Trustpilot, the users’ reviews are missing. Similarly, no comments are presented on the portal; questioning Is Gymmatts Legit?
  • Address Reality– On the given location, no connected office is situated on this website.
  • Policies Quoted– The exchange policy details are not described. However, other policies are given correctly.
  • Social Connections– The unworkable social icons are present.
  • Domain Age– Our algorithm pointed out that the website’s launch date is 22-09-2021, expressing that it is 5 Months 12 Days old.
  • Plagiarization– The site’s content is extensively duplicated.
  • Alexa Rank– has an Alexa value of 3,871,614.
  • Owner’s Name– We haven’t collected details of the website’s founder.
  • Discounts Offered– As per genuine Gymmatts Reviews, we found untrue concessions over products.
  • Trust Rank– The site holds a 58.5/100 trust rank value.

What Are Consumers’ Feedback?

We failed to peel reliable comments from the online buyers over Trustpilot. However, in the portal’s FAQ section, we saw another website’s name, which created doubt. In addition, as the social links are broken, the customer might feel unsafe to refer to this e-store.

Therefore, after analyzing the factors, we prefer buyers to stay safe from this portal for now. Visit here if you have been click baited by the PayPal hoax.

The Final Talk

The Gymmatts Reviews underlined the products offered by, such as Liquid chalk. However, our thorough investigation of the portal has found no reliable comments, and thus, we display it as a questionable site. Learn more about the pointers of the credit card scams here.

Is the site false? Kindly express your thoughts below.

18 thoughts on “Gymmatts Reviews (March 2022) Is This Real Or A Scam?”

  1. I ordered a water cooler with out thinking about where I was ordering from, it’s only been about 6 days but haven’t got it it says it should be hear Monday the 14th but the tracking all seems shady to me and when I emailed them about when it would be hear the email I got back was short and all in Chinese Google barely could translate any of it. I don’t really trust the sight but I will fallow up after or if I even get the product.

  2. I ordered a rocking camping chair..I got a order number and did get an email…once…they have stopped all communication with me…I’m calling Monday and if that doesn’t work…I’m reporting to PayPal and Mastercard.
    I know they are scammers….

  3. I was also ripped off by this company. I canceled my order within 1 hour of purchase.. after 5 days of multiple emails I was told a refund would be issued. 8 days later I was told that the order shipped. The product was to be delivered on March 17th and it March 20th and no merchandise. I hope this post will help someone else from getting
    ripped by this company

  4. Definitely fake!! My experience is similar to the ones above. Although I did get a response regarding my request for refund, I’ve not received any information since.
    No refund. No item received.
    I’m normally good at spotting scams like this but their website is very good. Company location says Alaska but that’s clearly a LIE as all email information shows from China.

    Stay away from them.

  5. I ordered a food dehydrator and I didn’t receive any order confirmation and looked up their contact information online and sent them an email. They got back to me with the order information and sent me tracking. It is a Chinese company, not an American company. I felt a little bit better since they had responded to my email. Then two days ago it showed my order “out for delivery”, but, it never arrived. It is still showing “out for delivery” so I sent them another email and now their email has been shut down, which tells me this is definitely a scam. I paid for my order with paypal. It is my son’s paypal account so he will be contacting them for a refund. That is the only reason I ordered because because I know that paypal will stand behind any orders I make paying with them and they will get my money back and deal with the company. I highly recommend that you do not order from this Chinese company because everything from my experience is indicating they are a scam. My son still isn’t sure it is a scam because they sent tracking through China Post, but, until I see my product I am thinking it is a scam site. Why else would their email be discontinued??

  6. I purchased a cart. I did receive a order confirmation and a tracking number from PayPal. I entered the tracking number on a China post site. About 3 weeks later it said arrived and I got an email from PayPal to confirm it arrived. It did not arrive. Started a dispute case in PayPal they are looking into it. I didn’t use PayPal for the purchase.

  7. Same experience. This company doesn’t respond to emails and they don’t answer the phone. It’s been a month since I ordered an item and at this point the $60 spent is lost.


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