[Unblurred] Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video: Is There Download Link Along With Couple Location?

This article explains the Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video and its Download Link, along with Guppi Kulhad Pizza Couple Location.

Are you a person who is eager to watch the street food videos? Then, have you watched the Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video, which revolves around the famous street food vendors Sehaj Aurora and Roop?

This video originated from Punjab, India, and everyone was shocked by seeing it because it wasn’t a food-making video but an intimate love-making video, so that led everyone to witness a great shock. So here in this article, we look at that news in detail.

Details about the Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video

Kulhad pizza videos are very popular among viewers around the world; in particular, a newly married couple named Sehaj and Roop became very famous because of their innovative Kulhad pizza, which mixes the Indian taste with the pizza. Thus, it made them reach a significant position in the market for street foods.

Presently, an intimate video of Sehaj and Roop was released on the internet, which sparked the reactions of many people.

Where to search for the Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link?

After the release of their love-making video, it became an internet sensation, and people are looking for its links to download. But we weren’t able to see the original full version of this pizza couple video because Sehaj has completely denied this video and said that it was an AI-morphed and fake one; thus, he lodged the complaint, and an FIR was filed, so the police have removed that video.

The Kulhad pizza couple’s reaction

The kulhad pizza couple location is based in the Jalandhar, Punjab, location. In that place, Sehaj and Roop own a Kulhad pizza shop. Based on their location, they have complained with Jalandhar’s Thana police station number 4.

After the release of the video, Sehaj gave an open interview to the media channel. He shared that he received an Instagram message from an unidentified user in which he blackmailed him to release the morphed intimate videos; if not, he gave the money to him. Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video was released because Sehaj didn’t pay more attention to that scammer.

In addition to that, Sehaj said that the video was a completely AI-morphed one where they swapped the faces of the person on that video.

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Is the video really morphed?

Sehaj and the Roop couple confirmed that it was a completely fake video. Well, let us see what was really present in that video.

As we have said, it was a web love-making Kulhad Pizza Viral Video Download Link video. Thus, in that video, Roop appears not to be wearing any upper garments, and she wore the red wed bangles. In Punjab, the newlywed couple must wear red bangles, and similarly, in that video, Roop wore those bangles.

Moreover, Roop appears to be intoxicated. So, it sparked speculation about the authenticity of the video. There are chances that the video has been captured from the kulhad pizza couple location; otherwise, it can be a completely fake one as well.

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Sehaj has indeed taken a bold and appreciable step because, while complaining to the police, the video links have been removed now, and this video has severely affected the reputation of the Sehaj business. We hope that he will recover from this, and the Guppi Kulhad Pizza Viral Video cannot be seen anywhere; only the snippets are available on the internet, so it’s a win-win situation for the Kulhad couple.

Also watch the statement of Sehaj here. (693) kulhad pizza couple viral video link – Watch Kulhad Pizza Viral Couple Video On Twitter #viralvideo – YouTube

Also read the official press release. Ludhiana’s Viral Kulhad Pizza Couple Issues Clarification On ‘Leaked Private Video’ | Viral News, Times Now (timesnownews.com)

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