Ghrouf Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Genuine Or A Scam?

 Are you looking for a stair slider for your kid’s fun? Then, you will get all about the website’s legitimacy with Ghrouf Reviews.

Do you want to buy a mobility scooter? Are you looking for movable items? Then, this article is just for you and provides you with all information about the website’s reliability.

Nowadays, wheel-based items are in trend as it is very user-friendly for the child and holders. Online shopping is on top and provides a wide range of things which you can order quickly. The facilities of online shopping are worldwide, including in the United States.

Here we are connecting you with a portal that claims to hold a collection of the battery-powered machine, stair slides, etc. Let us read shoppers’ Ghrouf Reviews.

What is Ghrouf?

Ghrouf is the ecommerce podium that claims a variety of wheel-based equipment and much more. If you live in the United States, you can use the services facility.

As we explored the portal, we found that currently, there is a big sale running on the portal, so the prices of the items are too low.

As we know, online shopping is sometimes favorable or risky, so we have to be sure about the reality of the website:  Is Ghrouf Legit or not?

Specifications About Ghrouf 

  • The URL of the portal is
  • The email support for any questioning is not extant to the URL of the website.
  • The contact number for any communication has not been shared anywhere.
  • The newsletter facility is available on the website’s main page.
  • The company address for the store visit does not include extant anywhere, so we have no idea about the company’s location.
  • Ghrouf provides a collection of the varieties in the wheel-based items and stair sliders, and much more.
  • Shopper’s Ghrouf Reviews are not helping because of the absence of feedbacks.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest links have been shared on the website, but no one is working, no publicity.
  • Payment mode methods have been mentioned for the online payment facilities by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, etc.
  • Shipping policies details have not been mentioned separately. But under the products, it is mentioned – free shipping worldwide.
  • Return/refund policies points are hidden. But it is mentioned on the catalog page, there is 60 days return policy.
  • The website is securing the security certificates.

Positive Aspects of The Portal

  • It offers a collection of various items, and the main point is that a big sale is going on the website.
  • The website is wholly safe by protocols.
  • It accepts payments by different payment modes.

Negative Aspects of The Portal

  • The users’ Ghrouf Reviews block is blank. So hard to say about the reality.
  • Social media pages are inactive as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest links have been mentioned.
  • All communication modes like contact number, company address, email support are missing. Only a newsletter facility is available.
  • The website has launched just a few days back, on 21/12/2021.
  • The website has an average trust rank and a lousy trust score.
  • The prices of the items are very unrealistic as too much low.
  • Policies are absent, so no idea about shipping charges and return/refund mode.

Let us check the other point, so move ahead.

Is Ghrouf Legit or not?

As we know, we must check the authenticity of the website, so we have some lines to conclude the legitimacy:

  • The domain creation age of the portal is 21/12/2021, just a week ago.
  • The expiration of the portal is 21/12/2022.
  • The portal has a 2% trust index which is too low.
  • The website has a 65.5 out of 100 trust rank.
  • The owner’s detail is hidden.
  • The Alexa rating of the portal is zero on the internet.
  • The content is copied from the other podium, so be careful.
  • Users’ Ghrouf Reviews are not available on the website and the other website.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are not working as links have to share.
  • Shipping and return policies are missing.
  • Payment methods have been communicated.
  • Discount is available, and prices are too low, but no articles are very minimal.

So we will suggest you read all the instructions carefully as the website looks suspicious because of the less availability of the information.

Users’ Ghrouf Reviews

Group offers items like stair slider, chair car with wheel and much more on the big discount.

As we move here and there are find no collection of the lines from the user’s mindset. So hard to conclude the reality of the Ghrouf.

Please know how to protect yourself and your precious money from credit card fraud.


In the last part, we have some lines for the windup like new launching date, poor trust index, average trust rank, no shoppers’ Ghrouf Reviewssocial media not working, policies hidden, communication details absent, etc. that makes the website dubious.

So please learn each way so that you save your side from the PayPal scam.

Do you have any articles from the same portal? Then, please share your mindset in the feedback box for the next customer.

26 thoughts on “Ghrouf Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Genuine Or A Scam?”

  1. I have ordered one and never received it this was 5 months ago and mo return of money

    I ordered one 5 months ago never received it do they took money but nothing.

  2. I ordered a Ghrouf scooter 🛵 yesterday been trying to get the tracking number all day my email apply was it doesn’t exist. My order number is 6084. I am very 😡 mad. Discussed what do I do they advertise on Facebook what’s up with this bullshit.

    • Hello Phyllis Carroll, it’s terrible. It is advisable to check once with them. If they can respond because it was ordered yesterday. No reviews of the buyers about the portal. Let us know to spread awareness. Take care. Thanks.

  3. i ordered car dollies from them. Got confirmation email. Replied to email with a question, came back as undeliverable. Used email from web site. same thing. calling bank in morning to dispute charges.

  4. I ordered a scooter on Dec 28 and have not received any shipping information a week later. I should have know this price was too good to be true! Guess we lost $60!

  5. I order a scooter on 1/3/22 and haven,t heard anything about it yet and they took the money and they emsil me and said that they are getting my order ready to mail it but I never heard no-one after that

  6. I’ve tried to contact company for tracking info and all emails bounce back as undeliverable. I even replied to the email they sent confirming my order. I will contact my bank to get a refund & have them investigated.

  7. I ordered car Dollie’s and also tried to get a tracking number but their email address does not exist. I knew price was too good to be true …

  8. Help! I order the 🛵and the outside furniture and now I hearing that the company might be a scam! What do I do now? I paid $125.00 for my stuff! The internet should investigate company before they can advertise.

    • Hello Tamera McCool, when did you place an order? Did you get any tracking numbers? Yes, the platforms should check the genuineness and then permit them to advertise. Please let us know. Be alert. Thank you. Take care.

  9. Ordered a Scooter for $59.99 ,December 28, 2021,
    #3837 and haven’t gotten a tracking n date for delivery. Tried email support, it doesn’t exist…
    This makes me angry. I will track this person/persons n I will make them pay for STEALING MY MONEY

    • Hello Evelyn Watson, if no response from them, it is doubtful they will dispatch the order. Check for a refund option. Any updates from them, drop here. So, other buyers can be aware of it. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  10. I ordered hydraulic car dollys, they texted they would notify me of shipment, took money and now nothing.
    Ghrouf seems to be gone. I made a dispute with credit card company, now waiting.


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