George Sanchez Rapist (July) Read Deep Information Here!

George Sanchez Rapist (July) Read Deep Information Here! >> Read the news that shares some facts and details about a crime and the interrelated punishment. Please check the details below.

Are you aware of the criminal that is known as the Ski Mask Rapist? Well, in this article, we are just giving the facts and information regarding George Sanchez. We are not promoting this person or provide any limelight. 

This article is just an informational one regarding the George Sanchez Rapist and the crimes he had committed in the land of the United States

Who is George Sanchez?

George Sanchez is a criminal who was sentenced to 400 years by the United States court of law. He was in prison since 1980 as he was charged with ambushing and sexual assault on more than 25 women in the Bay Area.

This man is 58 years old, and when he was caught for the crime, the man’s age was 26. The California state law granted him the “youthful Offender’ which means that he is eligible for the hearing in courts. 

George Sanchez Rapist hearing on the court

It is reported that the accused had a hearing on the court regarding its early parole. The hearing was on August 7, 2019, under the state’s Elderly Parole Program. He was sentenced to more than 400 years in prison by the California Department of Correction and rehabilitation in 1989.

However, on August 7, 2019, an unexpected thing was happened as the parole boards conduct a hearing regarding the release of the accused. 

Why was the ski mask criminal being in talk of release?

The parole boards’ hearing and the thought of releasing the George Sanchez Rapist was because of the law under which the inmates who have spent decades in prison and gotten so old will be considered for the release as they aren’t dangerous for the people now. 

As George was 58 years old, many of his victims still think that he is young enough to carry out the crimes like before. After the advocates’ discussion and considering everything, the parole of George Sanchez gets denied by the board members and court. 

What was the reaction of the public to George Sanchez’s release?

After hearing the news that the George Sanchez Rapist is in the process of getting free, many of his victims started feeling unsafe again. Women that he attacked in 1989 had to go through many counseling and therapies to remove that trauma from their minds. 

One of the victim’s names was Lisa, who described the scenario and stated that the parole rule shouldn’t be applied to this criminal. Many women came in front and told that George Sanchez shouldn’t get parole for his crimes. 

You can check this link to know more information about George Sanchez’s crimes 

Wrapping it up

After getting all the information regarding George Sanchez, aka Ski Mask Rapist, we can conclude that George Sanchez Rapist is a dangerous person for society and shouldn’t be released from prison. 

People like them belong behind bars and wouldn’t get any privilege from the law and the court. 

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