Galaxy Dark Matter Fox {Feb 2022} Know The Ways To Obtain

Galaxy Dark Matter Fox is the most talked-about mythical pet that came in the Pet Simulator X game and how you can get it.

Do you play a pet simulator game? Have you got the Galaxy fox? As pet simulator X came with major updates, people are curious to explore them. There are a lot of new pets, from mythical to legendary rarity. 

Players Worldwide are excited with the updates, and it indicates positive news for the developer. Today in this post, we will read Galaxy Dark Matter Fox and explore every detail.

What is Pet Simulator X, and how does it work?

Roblox regularly releases new games in a variety of genres, and one such game is Pet Simulator X. To begin the game, you must acquire little, beautiful pets such as a dog or a cat, and as the game progresses, you will be able to gather a large number of pets. 

The user can purchase eggs, which transform into charming pets but can sometimes be dangerous. Some of them are very difficult to acquire even if you have a full wallet, but using some tricks can help. That is why we are here reading Galaxy Dark Matter Fox and how you can get it.

About Galaxy Fox:

Legendary Galaxy Fox is one of the most mighty pets players can acquire in the Pet simulator game. It is with a rarity Mythical pet that is obtainable from planet Egg. While the chances of hatching the egg are Base chance: ~0.00044%, with boosts, is ~0.011%.

The Galaxy Fox pets are regular, golden, and dark matter, and the level of each are:

Regular: ~14.3b – 15.7b, Golden: ~43b – 47b, rainbow: ~100b – 110b, Dark matter ~285b – 314b.

How to obtain Galaxy Dark Matter Fox?

There are two ways you can obtain your Galaxy fox for the first time. While one of the methods is slightly cheaper, we will discuss both of them.

Buying from the merchant:

It is the best approach to obtain a Mythical Galaxy Fox in Pet Simulator X. Whenever the mystery merchant breeds, try to purchase as many pets as possible from them. However, each pet costs millions of diamonds for you. You can jump to different servers, visit the merchant and buy again. Using this method, you can purchase the entire Galaxy Dark Matter Fox.

Another way:

The next method is more expensive and time-consuming as it requires hatching Alien Eggs. Hatching alien eggs will cost around 172m Tech in-game currency. However, the hatching rate from these eggs is very low, even with the help of boosts. There are other pets too in the Alien Egg. These are Bleebo the alien, Meeboo the alien, Nine Eyed Lion, and Meebo in spaceship, the rarest one. 


We have discussed both methods to get the Galaxy Fox in the pet simulator. We hope you find our guide on Galaxy Dark Matter Fox helpful. You can also read about Galaxy Fox pet here:   

Do you have enough diamonds to get these pets? Please comment in the section below for Galaxy Fox pet-related questions.

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