Full March Moon 2022 (March) When Is It Happening?

The guide shares details about Full March Moon 2022 to help moon gazers gear up for the night.

The full moon occurs two days before the spring season starts in the northern hemisphere in March. However, people will experience a frosty day outside in the northern parts of the United States. But, the Full Moon is still worth watching for its scenic beauty.

The Worldwide population is eager to know when the March Full Moon 2022 will occur. According to sources, March 18th is when it will occur, and people can watch it at night. 

If the night is cloudy or the moon is not visible, the Full March Moon 2022 will still look full at next night.  

What is March Full Moon?

March Full Moon is also called Worm Moon, but other spring-related names are linked to March’s Moon. For example, according to North America, it is referred to as Crow Moon, Crust Moon, or Sugar Moon. 

There is a tradition of naming the Full Moon Worldwide. However, people tend to name the March’s Full name after the monikers from different tribes. So, different cultures have a different link to the Full Moon.

NASA considers it Worm Moon despite different names because many southern tribes in America call it Worm Moon.

When Is March Full Moon 2022?

As per sources, the March Full Moon reaches its peak brightness at 3:17 AM EDT. It is scheduled to appear on 18th March 2022 Friday, offering all an amazing astronomical treat at nightfall to enjoy an extended weekend. 

The Full Moon will remain above the local horizon all night. Since March still has shorter days, it will give ample opportunities to enjoy the uninterrupted views of the Full Moon. The Full Moon will stay full the day after and the day before its official phase. So, you are lucky to have a few sights of the Full March Moon 2022 on the night of 18th March 2022, Friday. 

What is the Brightness Level of the Full Moon?

Full Moon occurs on the 27th Day after completing its orbit around the Earth. It occurs when Moon reaches the point where it opposites the Sun directly. The Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun during the Full Moon, causing a rare lunar eclipse. 

At this time, the sunlight flows and reflects around the Earth and finally falls up the Moon’s face. When the Full Moon is at its peak magnitude of -12.92, it gets 6× brighter than the regular half-moon. But, you will not see much in the sky during the Full March Moon 2022.

But, you can easily see the bright stars, like Sirius at the magnitude of -1.46 and other planets of the Months. The only thing that will be outshining the March Full Moon in the sky is the Sun. 

Wrapping It All

Hopefully, it is clear that the next Full Moon will be on the 18th of March 2022, Friday, and it is scheduled to happen at 3.17 AM EDT. 

The Moon will remain Full for about three days around this time. So, if you skip viewing the Full Moon on the first day, you still have the chance to watch it the next night as it remains closely full for three days. So, as you know, When Is March Full Moon 2022, gear for moon gazing at the night. 

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