Frog Club Lonely Lambo {Oct 2021} Complete Insight!

Read in brief about Frog Club Lonely Lambo nft, which got dropped over the blockchain field recently.

Non-fungible tokens are much into the controversy among crypto investors. A lot of new nfts are launching every month with some unique features. Well, across the United States, a new nft named lonely frog Lambo club has been in people’s knowledge. Interested individuals are searching out for the proper information about it.

Well, Frog Club Lonely Lambo is an assembly of unique 10k nfts. Today the article will pinpoint every detail of this nft. Also, get to read the nft market stats and other relevant data. So, without any further discussion, let’s start. Read down.

About Lonely Frog Lambo Club

  • It’s a collection of unique ten thousand randomly made non-fungible Token. They work through the ethereum blockchain. 
  • This nft works hard to develop a supportive and active community for every club member.
  • The community has multiple pre-held events and planned giveaways 
  • The community ensures that its members show active presence on the nft discord

Founder of Frog Club Lonely Lambo 

The drop date of this nft is 11th September 2021 at 3.30 AM. At the same time, it was created by collecting ten thousand unique and special nfts. However, the founder’s name details are not given anywhere.

Latest Update 

  • Items: 1.6k
  • Owners: 452
  • Floor price: 0.06
  • Volume traded: 3.0

Lonely Frog Lambo Token Information 

  • Symbol: LFLC
  • Total supply: 10,000 LFLC
  • Market cap: $0.00
  •  Decimals: 0
  •  Owner: 0x83343A12e98E0044bF5b0DcD11818961CB5E9FdA
  • Transfers: zero
  • Holders: 3337

This was the market data of Frog Club Lonely Lambo token.

Contract Information 

  • Contract address: 0x549d38F104AC46d856C1b2bF2A20D170EfdB2a8D
  • Creator: 0x83343A12e98E0044bF5b0DcD11818961CB5E9FdA
  • Balance: 2.705353272414401
  • Total In: 2.705353272414401
  • Transaction: 4,432

How to Mint Lonely Frog Lambo Club 

This nft frog is ready to get mint. This notice was issued over the Twitter page of lonely frog Lambo club on 11th October. Anyone can mint it for free. So get the guide on how to mint this nft for free and get this nft following the guidelines.  

You need to connect your wallet. After connecting the wallet (Frog Club Lonely Lambo), tap over 3. mint and fill in the information asked.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the short term of lonely club frog Lambo?

Ans. LFLC is the short name of this nft. 

  1. Is this Nft can be minted right now?

Ans. Yes, this nft is available free for minting from 11th October. 

  1. What was the drop date of this nft?

Ans. The nft was launched on 11th September 2021.

  1. What’s the contract address of this nft?

Ans. The contract address is: 0x549d38F104AC46d856C1b2bF2A20D170EfdB2a8D.

  1. What’s the total supply of this nft Token?

Ans. The total supply of this nft is 10,000 LFLC.


The Frog Club Lonely Lambo is a blockchain nft. Being a newly birthed nft, the details are not available adequately. However, this nft is available and can be minted easily for free.

Have you ever minted this nft? Do you have additional relevant information on this new nft? Comment down 

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