The Most Popular Flavors of CBD Vape Juice

CBD use is skyrocketing across the USA, as many people prefer to shift from expensive and addictive medications to herbal, alternative remedies for stress, anxiety, and pain. CBD is a great health companion for all adults, as it effectively soothes pain and stress, relieves the burden of anxiety, and helps people balance their moods quickly. Besides, it doesn’t cause intoxication, unlike its cannabinoid brother – THC. Thus, CBD is universally recommended to people suffering from acute and chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and depression due to its gentle and pronounced effect and a lack of addiction. 

The market is full of various CBD products that allow quick and efficient symptom relief – from CBD edibles to tinctures to creams. However, vaping is one of the most trending options for CBD administration, as it helps users achieve a tangible CBD effect in minutes. Here is a guide to the CBD juice industry, rules for proper CBD juice selection, and a review of the most popular best flavor CBD vape juice. 

Why CBD? 

The question of CBD’s mounting popularity perplexes many, and here are some simple answers. CBD (which is cannabidiol) was isolated from the marijuana plant long ago, in the 1940s, but its industrial use was impossible because of weed’s classification as a dangerous psychedelic drug. With the gradual warming of the legal landscape around cannabis in the USA, CBD entered the industry of non-medical remedies for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain. Thus, CBD-infused products are getting increasingly popular among users despite a lack of clinical evidence of their efficiency in lab settings. 

One thing is for sure: CBD is here to stay, as users with chronic conditions are always looking for safe, non-addictive, and affordable remedies. CBD is an alternative to poisonous, addictive painkillers and antidepressants that destroy the human liver and worsen the patients’ life quality in the long run. CBD acts milder and doesn’t cause addiction while at the same time soothing pain and stress, helping people to fall asleep better, sleep longer, and combat other health conditions with ease. 

What to Expect from CBD Vaping? 

You can buy CBD vape juice online and offline; the market for CBD products is diverse and quickly expanding to cover consumer demand. The benefits of vaping are numerous, which makes more and more people adopt this CBD intake method every day. The effects of CBD vape juice you may expect are as follows: 

  • No nicotine. The CBD vaping liquid comes without nicotine in most cases, allowing you to quit smoking or minimize nicotine intake. Thus, you’re always in control of the chemicals included in the CBD vaping liquid. 
  • Precise dosing. Each vaping device has a precise label indicating the amount of CBD contained in it. Divide it by the number of puffs for which the vape is meant, and you will get the concentration of CBD per puff. Now you know how many puffs to make to get the desired CBD dose every time you need pain or stress relief. 
  • Convenient intake. The vaping liquid comes without the unpleasant odor of a cigarette, so you won’t get caught when vaping. This way, you can indulge in a private vaping session without informing others that you’re taking CBD. 
  • Immediate effect. While edibles may take an hour or so to produce the intended effect, your vaping method guarantees quick, tangible effects in a couple of minutes. You’ll need to wait for 3-5 minutes at most to feel the needed relief and relaxation. 
  • Treatment of various conditions. Vaping is universally suitable for all health conditions users commonly treat with CBD. Thus, you will manage your nausea, stress, insomnia, and pain by taking a couple of puffs. 

As you can see, vaping is a safe and manageable CBD intake experience that any person can master. You don’t need to carry a bottle with caps or gummies with you or measure the dose of CBD oil anymore. Just take a vaping pen, click the button, and take a couple of puffs to relax and soothe the pain. This convenience and absence of odor make the CBD vaping method the most discreet and quickest among other CBD intake variants. 

Which Flavors Can You Choose from? 

Now, let’s make a quick tour of the variety of CBD vaping juice tastes and flavors you can choose from. The regular consumer is indeed spoilt for choice in this field, as manufacturers go the extra mile to offer new delicious flavors with mouthwatering names. Here are some of the top-famous CBD vaping flavors you should try as a newcomer to vaping market: 

  • Mint flavor is a classical variant for fans of smoking and vaping. The cooling, refreshing aroma of mint or menthol can spice up any smoking experience. Some top brands have made a mix of authentic hemp flavor and mint to give users an old-school smoking sensation. So, you might feel as if you’re smoking a menthol cigarette with menthol flavor – an unbeatable nostalgic experience. Besides, manufacturers skillfully combine the mint flavor with chocolate shades, which is also an elegant combination.
  • Fruit-flavored CBD vaping juices also don’t lose their popularity. Too many people are fans of the juicy, fresh tastes that CBD vapes give, such as strawberry, peach, melon, watermelon, and apple. Various combinations are also present in the market to twist your mind and let you explore unpredictable fruit and berry combinations. 
  • Citrus-flavored CBD juices are also popular, as they give a gentler smoking experience for people without a sweet tooth. Besides, the fruit odor may seem too intense for people who like more classical smoking flavors, and citrus varieties come in handy for this consumer category. 
  • Another popular variant is a mix of herbal flavors. You will surely enjoy a spicy mix of lemongrass and ginger or a richer herbal mix that many brands have produced for vaping connoisseurs. Cinnamon is also a common ingredient of herbal mixes; it also works well with citrus fruit to create a less sweet yet aromatic combination.  
  • Fancy names and flavor combinations also attract users’ attention and meet the needs of picky users who want to experiment with tastes. This consumer category may enjoy the Skittles taste, the Coca-Cola taste, the energy drink flavor, and many other exotic variants like bubble gum, cheesecake, ice, etc. 

Here are a couple of tips from our experienced CBD vaping experts to make your choice effective for health and safe for the respiratory system: 

  • Don’t strive to get the most exotic, striking flavor; in most cases, it is achieved by adding hazardous synthetic compounds. As a result, you may be exposed to dangerous respiratory side effects and allergies. Opt for more gentle and natural flavors that don’t require the manufacturer to go the extra mile and squeeze tons of additives into the CBD juice’s content. 
  • Shop only in certified dispensaries and online stores. The temptation may be too high to buy a cheap, affordable product, but this purchase may come at a high price for your health. So, it’s always wiser to buy from reputable brands and stay safe, knowing that your chosen option contains only CBD vape juice ingredients indicated on the label. 
  • Mind the CBD form included in the juice. You may enjoy full-spectrum CBD the most, but its use is prohibited for service workers and drivers because of the THC traces contained in the extract. Thus, the best variant for people undergoing drug tests and driving is a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD. 
  • Choose an appropriate CBD vape juice dosage. Some vaping juices may be too potent for newbies, causing an overdose and a feeling of sickness. Thus, it’s vital to calculate the dose precisely and know for sure how much CBD you get with every puff. 

CBD Juice Q&A 

There’s much confusion around CBD vaping juice selection, so we’ve prepared a brief Q&A section to cover the most common questions with evidence-based answers and facts. 

What are the CBD vape juice side effects?

CBD vaping, as well as vaping overall, can potentially cause unpleasant sensations and side effects, especially in people allergic to propylene glycol or glycerin. These symptoms may include memory loss and drowsiness. Some users also reported fatigue and impaired cognitive skills, especially if CBD is mixed with THC or nicotine. In the most extreme cases, vaping low-quality liquids can even result in seizures. 

What hazardous ingredients can CBD vaping juice contain?

The high-risk components of CBD vaping juice are synthetic marijuana, vitamin E, and various chemical additives. If the raw material from which CBD extract is produced doesn’t come from organic, USDA-certified farms, you may also consume heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides together with the vaping juice. 

How much CBD can I vape every day?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends not exceeding the daily CBD dose of 70mg, regardless of the consumption mode. Thus, considering that your regular vaping device’s puff contains 1-2mg of CBD, you should calculate the CBD intake accordingly to avoid undesirable side effects or overdose. 

Can CBD vaping make me feel high?

No, CBD vaping juice doesn’t have intoxicating effects on the user because CBD is non-psychoactive overall. However, you should check the label of your vaping juice carefully and see whether there is any THC included. If there is some, the vaping process may result in getting high. 

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