Fiocey Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Offer A Scam Deal?

The post talks about Fiocey Reviews and checks its legitimacy by elaborating on the crucial details of the website.

Apparel cannot be avoided by anyone who loves to explore more style and fashion varieties. Numerous websites provide similar products, thus making it quite a task for us to choose the best ones.

Fiocey is one of the trending websites in the United States that claims to provide a wide range of women apparel include western tops, denim, footwear and much more.

Hence, we bring you a detailed outlook of the entire website highlighting the parameters to check its authenticity. Thus, read the Fiocey Reviews thoroughly to gain complete insight.

What is Fiocey Website?             

Fiocey is an online ecommerce website that is widely trending in the United States. The online shop provides items from different categories for women clothing, including western shirts, t-shirts, denim, jackets, shrugs and much more. Besides, the website is a recent launch that was registered on 20 September 2021.

Furthermore, you can find a range of winter and fall clothing such as coats and sweaters, shoes, bottom wears and tops at affordable prices and discounted rates of $10 to $20 off on purchases. 

However, there are many more websites that provide similar offerings. Hence, it is imperative to know Is Fiocey Legit or not. Thus, we provide a quick run of the various specifications in the sections below.

Specifications of Fiocey Website

  • Website link – 
  • Products & offerings – Women apparel, including winter and fall clothing, denim bottoms, Tops, Shoes, Coats and Sweaters.
  • Contact number – Not Available
  • Email Id –  
  • Availability of Newsletter – Available
  • Contact Address – Not Available
  • Refund Policy – Full refund available within 30 days, processed within 72 hours of receiving the package.
  • Social media presence – Yes
  • Mode of Payment – PayPal, Credit Card
  • Processing Time – 3 to 5 days
  • Delivery time – 6 to 25 days

We recommend read Fiocey Reviews to know in-depth in detail about the website and accordingly make purchases.

Positive Features of Fiocey Website

  • It has a valid HTTPs connection
  • The website offers a discount of $10 on placing orders over $49 and $20 on orders over $139.
  • Free shipping is offered on all orders
  • There is a wide array of products offered at cost-effective pricing
  • The website design is simple and easy to navigate

Negative Features of Fiocey Website

  • The social media link to Instagram is broken
  • There is no contact number or contact address available
  • The customer reviews on the website are mixed

Is Fiocey Legit or a scam?

Many websites on the internet offer similar products. Thus, it is imperative to check the website’s legitimacy to prove if it is legit or not. Herein, we provide detailed research of all the parameters to check the website’s authenticity in the below sections.

  • Trust Score – The website has a very low trust score of 1%
  • Domain Age – The website domain was created recently on 20 September 2021, and will expire on 20 September 2022. 
  • Trust Rank – It has a trust rank of 47.6 out of 100
  • Social Media Links – The website has a presence on social media, but only one is working and that is Facebook.
  • Customer review – Fiocey Reviews are available on the website but not on any other internet platform.
  • Quality of Content – The quality of content is moderate and doesn’t enlist all details

Feedback of Customers on the Website

There are few reviews listed on the website under different products. However, it is not possible to detect the authenticity of the reviews enlisted on the products. Thus, it is difficult to prove if the reviews are legit or fake. Now let us look if there are reviews on the internet. 

Fiocey Reviews – What do customers have to say?

As there is no medium to check if the reviews are authentic, we decided to check online. However, there are no customer reviews available or enlisted anywhere on the internet. Thus, we recommend users to check and research to check if the website is legit before making purchases.

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Final Conclusion

Based on the information available, we conclude that the website offering apparel and winter clothing is questionable and requires more research. Besides, based on the Fiocey Reviews, wherein it lacks a presence on Instagram, the domain is recently created, and there are no authentic reviews. The website does come across as suspicious as of now, and we recommend more research on the same and wait for some users’ reviews to arise. 

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Have you purchased winter clothes? Do share your thoughts in the comments box below.

12 thoughts on “Fiocey Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Offer A Scam Deal?”

  1. Very fashionable clothes. Sometimes you can find great deals on their site. Their customer service is great and helped me exchange my clothes for the right size. I’ve never cringed or felt disgusted by any of the pieces displayed by Fiocey. Nothing is overdone and every design is great & perfect.

  2. I received two items that do not fit me correctly. I asked how to return them and so far I was offered, “maybe you could give them as a gift and we’ll give you 40% next order.

    I emailed back saying no this is not going to work. I want my money back minus shipping. So far no response

    • Hello Lisa M Nelson, it feels terrible. Such scams are spreading like fire. The buyers are trapped into it. This should be stopped somewhere to save the buyers money. Check if you get a reply and keep updating. Thanks in advance. Take care.

  3. I had the same problem as some of the other reviews. Bought 5 Items three of them did not fit I contacted them to return the three they said that the shipping was closed to ship from the United States to China because of covid and that they would just give me 15% back rebate and 40% off a new order I told them I would not spend any more money I wanted my money back that their website does not say anything about you can’t return items. If that was the case I wouldn’t have bought from them in the first place. They finally give me an address to send this to but I have to pay shipping and it’s $75 to ship it back so now I’m stuck with clothes I can’t wear. I will never ever recommend or buy anything from this place again.

    • Hello Angela shiver, Yes, other buyers too faced the same issue as you. But, how the same issue of fitting with all? They give reasons and ignore them. But, just need to confirm, if you send by shipping, the coming clothes with being in proper fitting. Please confirm it twice before you do any online shopping. Take care. Please update.

  4. I ordered my clothes December 9, promised to have them no later than 10 days after shipped. I have received nothing. I have emailed daily with nothing but the offer of a discount. Very unhappy and would like a full refund, but sounds as though they are fake. I will make sure everyone I know does not order from here and will have people share my post as to this website is fake.

    • Hello Kelli Roberson, How much you have invested? The scammers use many tricks to cheat the buyers and earn money anyways. They offer discount prices and attract customer’s minds. So, please be aware of such frauds. Check with genuine ones it will take some time, but you will receive the order and quality products. Be cautious. Take care. Thanks.

  5. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME ON THIS WEBSITE. I ordered boots. They arrived over a month later. Quality was poor so I returned them. I had to pay $24 to ship them. After months of back and forth emails, they only gave me a partial refund (30%) bc it’s an overseas transaction and the “shoes were sent back to the sender” which I don’t know what that even means!… No one to call or speak to. HORRIBLE. Never again.


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