Findcoou Reviews (July) Is It A Legit Portal Or Not?

Findcoou Online Website Reviews
Are you looking for the cactus plant online in a very reasonable range? Here is all information for you, including the user’s Findcoou Reviews.

Are you crazy about doing plantation in your home garden? Do you fond of colorful plants? Here is all for you that will suggest you best so read all till the end.

As we know how important plants and trees are for us, we find oxygen from them, so everybody wants to plant them in their home garden. In the United States, plants are available online.

So here we are connecting you with a website called Findcoou that sells various plants like cactus, charlotte, Cleveland, bromeliads, etc.

You can check all the points with shopper’s Findcoou Reviews on the URL.

What is Findcoou?

Findcoou is an ecommerce platform that offers a collection of plants like Cleveland, bromeliads, charlotte, and many more for the United States people.

The current prices of all the items are affordable, there are a few colorful plants also extant, but all are outdoor plants.

All the policy details are extant on the main page. You can check before placing your order if you are interested in the same products.

When you think about online shopping, you must be aware of the other part, like Is Findcoou Legit or Not?

Specifications About Findcoou 

  • The portal has shared the contact number for customer care, i.e., (701) 937-3559.
  • The URL of the podium is
  • It does not provide the company address, so we cannot visit the office’s location.
  • You can contact them by mail as the email address is present, i.e.,
  • The website is also providing the facility of the newsletter.
  • Findcoou has no page on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., so no traffic is extant anywhere.
  • Findcoou Reviews from the user’s side are not visible on any portal like social networking sites, trust pilots, websites, etc.
  • You can ask the query during working hours, i.e., (1:00 PM GMT – 6:00 PM GMT)
  • Once you receive the product, you can apply for a refund within 30 days.
  • Once you plan to buy, you will be eligible to see the payment mode after filling in your details, and before that, payment methods are hidden.
  • It is fully safe by protocols and SSL integration.
  • The company has mentioned the shipping policy on the webpage.

Positive Aspects

  • You can take a Findcoou Reviews, as all the major aspects are present on the podium.
  • All the plants are at very reasonable prices and also look very fresh and attractive.
  • It accepts the return refund for delicate items.

Negative Aspects

  • It is offering very fewer items.
  • A discount is not available right now.
  • There is no page extant on the social networking platform.
  • No shopper’s reviews are extant anywhere.
  • The payment mode is hidden.
  • The company address has not been mentioned.

Moreover, we will advise you first to review the website, read all the points carefully, and ensure its authenticity.

Is Findcoou Legit or Not?

  • The portal secured the trust rank on the internet, i.e., 47.5 out of 100.
  • It was created on 03/12/2021, a few months back.
  • It will expire on 03/12/2022, in the last of this year.
  • The trust index on the internet of the podium is.
  • The founder information is not extended anywhere.
  • It used the copied content on the podium from another website, so be careful.
  • No user’s feedback; we can touch on any website.
  • No social networking activity is present, so there is no popularity.

It looks questionable because of the absence of many major aspects, so first try to investigate carefully and then think about buying from Findcoou.

Customer’s Findcoou Reviews

Findcoou claims a wide range of collections of plants like Cleveland and so on in a very affordable amount.

So we went through the website to collect some other major points and user feedback, but unluckily there is no line extant any of the trustworthy podiums. Please know the steps to hold the amount from the paypal fraud.


Lastly, we can win this article with the help of a few points like new in the online era, claims Cleveland plants, etc., no user’s Findcoou Reviews present, average trust rank, payment method hidden, no office location shared and many more. First, be aware of the links that can save your amount from a credit card scam.

Do you have any experience from Findcoou? Please put your thoughts in the chat box.

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