Top Tips to Find Cheap Hobby Airport Parking (HOU)

It can be difficult to find parking at Hobby Airport, especially if you’re pinching your pennies. Luckily, we have this guide with some top tips for finding cheap Hobby Airport parking.

HOU Parking

First, you should always check out the parking situation at the airport itself. Hobby Airport has its own, onsite parking that you can utilize, but it’ll cost you. 

  • Valet, Red Garage
    • Daily rate is $28
  • Terminal Parking
    • Red Garage
      • $24 daily rate
    • Blue Garage
      • $24 daily rate
  • Economy Parking
    • Ecopark
      • $9.24 plus tax daily rate

HOU states that if you make your parking reservation online, you can save money, though it doesn’t state a standard percentage or rate of savings on their website. Both the Red and Blue Garages have automated parking locator systems, which makes navigation a breeze for travelers. They also state that they offer EV Charging stations, for those of you who may have an electric-powered vehicle or hybrid, and accessible parking for disabled or handicapped travelers.

HOU Ecoparking, which is cheaper than the standard terminal or valet parking options by quite a bit, states that they run a shuttle service daily from 5:30am-12am (midnight) daily, through the Ambassador Program. Terminal parking at Red and Blue Garages are both ground-level, meaning no driving in endless circles going up and then going down while desperately hunting for a parking spot.

The valet parking is the most expensive portion of the parking with Hobby Airport, since it caps out at $28/day. There’s also a greater level of etiquette required when you’re sending your car off to a valet that not everyone wants to deal with, which is why self-park is generally preferred.

$24 a day may not seem like much if you’re just having a quick 3-day weekend, but that cost can add up quickly if you’re planning on a longer venture. A week-long parking stay would mean paying $168 for parking alone. And some trips are spontaneous, so we can’t account for their reserve and save option.

Hobby Airport parking is close to each of their terminals and gates, making getting from the parking lot to your gate easier, but the cost may be heavier than the benefit of being close to the terminals. While the terminals are closer to the parking, it can still be overwhelming to get through the airport from a parking lot and make your flight on time.

If you experience difficulty with parking or have questions related to the Houston Airport System (HAS), you can reach out to their customer service by calling at 281-233-1729, or emailing them at The HAS directory for Hobby Airport parking directs that facilities function on a first-come, first-serve basis, which includes the accessible parking spaces as well as the EV charging stations. They recommend that you reserve your parking in advance, to make sure you have the spot you need to best accommodate your travel plans. An important thing to note is that the shuttle service is only available at their Economy lots, which may impact some travelers due to accessibility difficulties if the accessible parking spots are already taken.

On Air Parking

On Air Parking is a reservation site for third-party owned and operated off-site parking lots, located conveniently near airports all across the United States. Included on that list is Hobby Airport, and they book parking at several local lots for parking at Hobby Airport.

The cost for parking in these local lots starts at $3.55 per day and are located only minutes away from HOU. With On Air Parking’s 5-star parking service, you can’t go wrong with cheap and affordable parking. This parking beats all the pricing options from Hobby Airport parking.

Free shuttle services are available at certain lots and these lots are located close to HOU to maximize efficiency for travelers.

On Air Parking also has its own app, compatible with Android and Apple devices. With customer service available from 10am-7pm ET, Monday through Friday, they guarantee a great reservation experience on their website, on their app, or over the phone if you call them at (888) 48-PARKING (888-487-2754). You can even text OAP at 424-532-8940. If you’d rather email them, or if you prefer a paper trail.

Parking at Hobby Airport can be difficult to figure out, with so many options available, but On Air Parking makes it easy to find parking with a painless reservation experience, helpful customer service, and free cancellations up until the very day your reservation starts, just in case a wrench gets thrown into your plans.

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