Fatal Crash Highway 65 {June} Read Incident Details!

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The article on Fatal Crash Highway 65 was written to provide you with the details about the crash. Please read below.

What is the Fatal Crash Highway? What happened on the Highway? This particular crash happened in the United States. To know more about the Fatal Crash Highway 65, read down below. Due to the Fatal Crash, Highway southbound lanes of Highway 65 near Blaine are closed as the investigation is going on. This has been a very deadly crash that has happened so far. A woman has lost her life due to the Fatal Crash Highway. To get the details about the crash, kindly read down below. 

What happened in the Fatal Crash on Highway 65?

As we have already read, the Fatal Crash Highway took place in the US. The highways are blocked, and the investigation has been going on. Let us read more about the Fatal Crash Highway 65. As per state patrol, according to their investigation, a 37-year-old man was driving from East Bethel. 

He was heading south on Central Avenue Northeast, where he ran into a red light and crashed into an SUV which was heading east towards 109th Avenue Northeast. The person driving the SUV was a 51-year-old woman; she died there, and her name has not been released till now. The 37-year-old man involved in the accident has not died but has received some serious injuries. For complete incident details, please read this post till the end.

Fatal Crash Highway 65 Details

The woman involved has been declared dead at the Fatal Crash Highway, as per all the information. The Highway was shut down, causing long traffic jams on the Highway’s southbound lanes. The 37-year-old man was driving a semi-trailer truck hit with the 51-year-old woman SUV, as we have already read. 

The victim’s details have not been declared. The SUV appeared to have been skidded through the median; it crossed the northbound lanes and stopped at the right corner of the Highway. The crash happened around 4:30 in the morning, which led to a lot of traffic later. 

Why is the Fatal Crash Highway 65 trending? 

This news has been spread worldwide because it has happened recently. It took place yesterday at 4:30 am when a 51-year-old woman lost her life. Not much information has been given till now. The information about the accident has only been found. The names of the people who witnessed the accident have not been mentioned. This was the information that has been provided till now. We will update further details in our next post.


As we read about the crash, we found that the 51-year-old woman was killed and was found dead at the point. The Fatal Crash Highway 65 happened at 4:30 am, which led to a lot of traffic early in the morning. To know more about the accident, kindly click on this link. 

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