How to Extend WiFi Range Outside

Do you want to extend the wifi range of your router? You need to consider some points to get the best range of wifi. In this article, we have described the best points to follow. Follow the points and get an extended wifi range.

Select the right location to adjust the router. 

The position of your wireless router or access point (AP) is one of the most important factors in a powerful WiFi signal. The WiFi signal is broadcast omnidirectionally by most wireless routers and access points. This is the best way of stating it is broadcast in all directions. Although sectorized APs broadcast wireless signals in a 45 or 90-degree radius. These devices are only employed in commercial settings.

The ideal position for your AP might not match your aesthetic preferences. The reason why people hide their wifi routers is because they are unattractive! Most wireless routers designed for residential usage have futuristic antennae and blinking lights.

Extend WiFi Signal in Your Office

WiFi for business and WiFi for home use are very different and should be treated as such. Most home WiFi devices are made to support about a dozen connected devices, and their signals are made for smaller spaces, usually less than 1,000 square feet. You can use wifi extender outdoor to increase your wifi range in your home and office.

Get the right equipment

In a business or office setting, extending the WiFi range takes the right equipment and the right amount of equipment. Depending on the size of your office, and the number of connected devices, you may need 2, 3, or even more APs. It can cover the whole area and support hundreds of devices connected to your network. 

Offices with “bring your own device” policies need to make sure their network can handle the laptops, phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other devices that workers might connect to the network at any time. 

There are a lot of wifi routers and access points on the market, and they all have pros and cons. Remember that some equipment is made to work with hundreds of devices at once. It might not be able to handle high-speed data exchanges. You can get the best wifi equipment at Wavlink.

Use a unified management system

If you want to strengthen your office’s WiFi connection, you must do this. Most enterprise-level wireless systems, like those from Ruckus Wireless and Aerohive, have a cloud management system. This system lets you handle all of the APs in your office. When you use a unified management system, all your APs can share the same wireless network. So users don’t have to sign on and off different networks whenever they move around your office.

Configure your equipment properly

Having better tools has both pros and cons. You can set up your equipment to work best in your surroundings. On the other hand, you have to know what you’re doing.

You want to avoid the crowded 2.4 GHz area and only use 5 GHz. You might not want SSIDs to send signals on the 2.4 GHz band. This band can get through walls better than high-frequency bands. However, it can’t handle higher speeds and often competes with signals from radios, cordless phones, and remote controls, which is a recipe for interference.


To get the best wifi speed, you need to think about a few things. People hide their wifi routers because they are not very pretty. When you use a unified control system, all of your APs can share the same wireless network. You might not want SSIDs to use the 2.4 GHz band to send messages. But it can’t handle higher speeds and often fights with signals from radios, cordless phones, and remote controls, which is a recipe for interference.

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