Excellent Packaging Design Trends to Consider This Summer 2023

How can you make your custom sachet packaging stand out on store shelves? The key to attracting consumers’ attention is keeping up with the latest trends. To outshine the competition, consider these up-and-coming packaging design ideas.

The Appealing Minimalist Style

Minimalism is an excellent way to stand out when competitors embrace complex designs. Your simple packaging will look clean and neat compared to busy patterns and overwhelming colors.

One way to go minimal is by sticking to two contrasting hues. Black and white are extremely popular, but you can add flair with a pop of color:

  • Gold and black
  • Blue and white
  • Pink and gray

Another good tip is taking advantage of negative space. Leaving most of the label blank will emphasize what you include, such as the product name, brand and logo.

Finally, minimalism is a great way to illustrate your company’s commitment to sustainability. Unbleached paper products, such as labels and cardboard boxes, fit neatly into minimalism while making the manufacturing process more eco-friendly. You can even take it a step further and use recycled materials.

Welcoming Back the Rubber Hose Creature

Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool, and cartoons are an excellent way to capitalize on it. For many consumers, cartoons have a strong connection to childhood, so associating your products with that art style can evoke feelings of whimsy, yearning and familiarity.

In recent years, video games and other media have tapped into a specific type of cartoon: the “rubber hose” animation. Rubber hose describes an animation style popularized in the 1920s; characters’ limbs would loop and bend like rubber hoses, leading to wacky visuals. You can jump on this trend by creating a rubber hose animation-inspired mascot.

Layering Colors for Contrast

Collage is in, and manufacturers are incorporating it into custom sachet packaging designs in big ways. Layering contrasting colors catches the eye, drawing consumers to your products. Additionally, it creates the illusion of depth, boosting your labels’ visual appeal.

You can also use collage to create texture. For example, you can give one layer a “torn edge” effect, making it look textured even though the label is smooth. These little details can set your products apart from more generic branding.

Elevating Packaging With Abstraction

Did you know that packaging design can become art with the right approach? One way to achieve this is through abstraction, which is the process of breaking down an idea into the most basic elements.

For example, rather than depicting wheat fields on your flour packaging, you can create a label with colors and shapes that remind people of wheat fields. You can also reduce complex images to a few lines and use negative space to imply shapes, combining abstraction and minimalism to significant effect.

Once you decide what to store in mylar bags and what to pack in other containers, you can start customizing the designs. Customers will strongly associate your packaging and brand, so put a lot of thought into these visuals. With the help of a professional, you can create a design that resonates with your target audience.

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