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This post will discuss the online viral video of the argument in Erie Orchard & Cider Mill and the Erie Orchard Reviews as per online sources.

Do you know Erie Orchard? Do you know the recent controversy associated with Erie Orchard & Cider Mill? Why is the farm in the limelight recently on the internet? We will briefly discuss the viral video that is circulating online. Many people are curious about the leaked footage of the argument between a Muslim man and the farm owners. The farmland is spread over 70 acres of agricultural land in Michigan, United States. 

Learn more about the controversial footage through this post on Erie Orchard Reviews and specific factors related to the incident. Swipe down for further updates. 

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Details about Erie Orchard & Cider Mill & its Reviews

The Erie Orchard & Cider Mill is a farm for the agricultural production of apples, peaches and blueberries. It is a family farm owned by Nancy and Steve Elzinga. The farm has been active for around 46th Years with three full-time employees and 40 part-time workers. The farm is open for the public to visit with family and friends to look at the Erie Orchard and Cider Mill.

There are mixed reviews about the Orchard, as some are very satisfied with the quality of fruits and atmosphere. In contrast, others complained about the services and price of the fruits.

Are there any other cases related to racism in the Erie Orchard? 

Yes, Steve himself admitted that he had been wronged before by Muslim people, which is why he behaved like that, but he will not do so in the future.

The Brawl at the Erie Orchard 

When the incident occurred, a Muslim man named Joe Mahmoud was visiting the farm with his three kids and wife. As per the sources, the farm owner accused a Muslim man of stealing. The Erie Orchard Reviews is a major topic of conversation among netizens online because of its recent controversial viral video.

In the video, the owner said that every Muslim steals from him. This comment has created uproar over the internet people are criticizing such racist behaviour against Muslim men. 

Further Details about the viral content 

In the viral content, Mahmoud asked the worker if the kids could pick out the fruits themselves. To which the worker replied that every fruit is rotten and to let the kids go back and they don’t have to pay for anything. As per the video evidence of Erie Orchard Reviews, the owner called the Police afterwards, further escalating the argument. 

The family waited for the Police for the next 40 minutes. After that, they started to leave, and he went crazy. After further questioning by the Police, Steve stated that he would not repeat the same in the future. Also, Keep yourself protected from credit card scams

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This particular video promotes racism against a particular caste and religion, which is not appreciated by the majority of people, especially in the Muslim community. Protect yourself from PayPal scamming by clicking here

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Erie Orchard Reviews: FAQs

Q1. What is Erie Orchard & Cider Mill?

It is an agricultural land located in Michigan with the plantation of apples, Blueberries and peaches. 

Q2. When did the incident take place? 

The incident happened last Sunday in Monroe County.

Q3. What are the aftereffects of the whole scenario?

When the incident went viral on social media, people strongly criticized the owner’s racist comments and condemned his actions. 

Q4. What is Mahmoud’s take on the matter? 

Mahmoud wants a property investigation and plans to file a civil case against the owner. 

Q5. What are the Erie Orchard Reviews?

People have mixed views about the Orchard as they like the farmland but do not appreciate its services and behaviour. 

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