Top Tips to Master Your English Language Skills

Learning English can be a truly fascinating adventure time. Aside from being a well-known global communication bridge, helping enthusiasts easily reach new audiences, markets, and horizons, it is really flexible and with a unique sense of humor — its puns are truly extraordinary and pretty tough to translate into other languages.

You don’t have to visit an English-speaking country to boost your proficiency. It’s already become a meme about how many famous celebrities have studied this language thanks to “Friends.” If you wonder how to personalize this strategy, stay tuned for more!

Define Your English Level

Without a doubt, surrounding yourself with English in your household and daily life is a great idea. It is sort of replacing the native-speaking environment with an artificial one. However, no matter how fun and interesting the “Peaky Blinders” or “The Crown” series are, their British accents in all their beauty aren’t the only reason to prevent you from taking the most out of this approach.

First and foremost, you should ensure you can adapt to the changed environment. If your knowledge is at the A2 scale, conquering the C2 peak is actually Mission Impossible. That’s why checking your current progress is so important. You can find numerous tests online or consult with professionals like the Promova team to define what to get started with.

Rely on Third-Party Assistance

Thanks to the latest technologies, you don’t have to read tons of literature and check several dictionaries to find that unknown expression anymore. It has never been simpler to learn English online than in the twenty-first century. You just require your mobile phone and access to a good and stable internet connection.

This crew of professional tutors will help you pursue your goals at the desired pace and without pressure. With the variety of learning formats and materials at your disposal, this supervised English training will be a result-bringing, personalized, and enjoyable experience.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Nobody is going to put a magical program in your brain and make you become an English-speaking guru — you aren’t in “The Matrix.” If staying long and sleepless hours trying to memorize another word doesn’t seem aspiring, you can combine what you love doing as a hobby and your goal to master English.

Playing games, singing your favorite songs learning their lyrics, etc. are obvious samples of how to add more gamification to your style of learning this language. At the same time, it is a must to take responsibility and just do it.

This process requires commitment and patience. It might take time to get some good results, but it doesn’t mean giving up is an option. Brief and consistent practices will be more beneficial to your mind and memory than erratic and extended sessions.

Reading Is Your Power

Make this hobby your secret skill. Not only will you get to know something new and fascinating, you will also advance your English knowledge. By reading social media posts, websites, books, and anything else you can get in English, interested parties will get access to a good mix of popular, fresh, and unique learning materials. It is one of the easiest ways to get acquainted with terminology related to different topics you would rather never know you require.

Compared to creating memos with new words and expressions, this method immediately shows you fresh instances of vocabulary in context. In turn, you automatically retain those pieces of information in your memory. This association method is leveled up by the hands-on experiences you get through reading.

Create Your Own Book

Don’t get it wrong — it won’t be any traditional book. Instead of writing poems or novels, you will write down new vocabulary. This format of active learning is classic yet has proven its efficiency for sure.

You can take notes right on the go and save your English-learning journey results in your favorite application. You can always come back to this treasure box and remember hilarious or useful word combinations to use for fun, business, or other purposes.

Find New Friends

Watching movies and reading books will be efficient, but they won’t replace real communication with native speakers. Although mastering your communication skills is probably one of the hardest challenges, it is truly worth it. If you don’t want to become the one who understands but can’t speak English, try the following:

  • Join English-speaking clubs. Even if you don’t have time for offline meetings, teams like Promova will offer a unique and web-based substitute.
  • You can definitely use one of those applications for communication and find a perfect partner for your practice. There are different communities, where you can share your expertise in your mother tongue with the interested interlocutor and gain English learning tips and suggestions in return.

Don’t Translate 24/7

People are frequently accustomed to the traditional English learning approach when each and every new word has to be looked up in a dictionary. However, it will lead to one crucial problem you will be stuck on for a long. Instead of speaking or writing in English, you will be doing the same but with your mother tongue translated into the other language. Word-for-word content interpretations will be your worst-ever enemy.

One of the counter-attacks can be the use of Tesaurus and similar sites, where you check the descriptive explanation of the target notion and learn how it is used correctly in its original environment. If you want to find this bad habit, try explaining these new words to others, who also don’t them. This way, you will definitely memorize what is what in an in-depth mode.

Final Thoughts

Despite how simple it is to learn English online, your consistency and accountability matter a lot. With helpful third parties like Promova or resources like Urban Dictionary and Thesaurus, you will be able to avoid several hidden pitfalls, take the most out of the learning process, and enjoy it to the full extent possible.

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