Encanto Characters Age {March 2022} Chart Explored Here

Read this article to get the details for the recent Disney comedy musical release, revealing the most-searched list for Encanto Characters Age.

Have you heard about the age details for Walt Disney’s Musical Project Characters? Are these for real? What is Walt Disney’s Animation Studio Musical Fantasy?

The recent announcement for Disney animated film in which Barbie is shown wearing glasses for the first time is hype over the internet. People Worldwide are looking out for the age of these characters.

Scroll down to the links detailed in this article to get the facts and list for Encanto Characters Agerevealing how old or young each character stands!

Details about Disney Encanto:

Disney recently created hype over the internet by announcing their recent musical comedy release named Encanto, released on 24th November 2021. This film features the story of a character named Mirabel Madrigal, who is born in a family blessed with magical powers, with everyone gifting her some of their superordinary sparks.

The story revolves around this character and her family, including her sister, mom, and other family members. Along with superpowers, the age of these characters is also the movie’s main intent, details for the same mentioned below.

Ages Of Encanto Characters:

Encanto Movie does not have any hints for its character’s age, and this is why the director for this film announced the same through his twitter heads. Here’s the list of all the characters with their age for better clarity:

  • Camilo- 15 Years Old
  • Luisa- 19 Years Old
  • Pepa- 50 Years Old
  • Abuela Alma- 75 years Old
  • Bruno- 50 Years Old
  • Agustin- 50 Years Old
  • Antonio- 5 Years Old
  • Felix- 50 Years Old
  • Isabela- 21 Years Old
  • Julieta- 50 Years Old
  • Dolores- 21 Years Old
  • Mirabel- 15 Years Old

More on Encanto Characters Age

To all those wondering about the oldest family child, this list for Characters Age reveals their name to be Isabella and Dolores. Both of them are of the same ages with only a month difference. However, despite being the same age, the two of these characters have different powers.

What is the Audience’s Reaction to this Film?

The plot for the movie is already out with its release in November 2021; the audience’s reactions for the same are also found. Disney fans have appreciated this film a lot, creating a buzz for the same over social media and the internet.

Along with the storyline and role of characters, Ages Of Encanto Characters is also searched extensively. Fans were eager to know the age difference in all the characters, therefore revealed by the director through his Twitter threads.

Final Verdict:

Encanto is the first animated Disney movie featuring Barbie with glasses. The plot has been appreciated by viewers and fans, generating 7.3 IMDB ratings for the same. In addition, the age of the movie’s character has been mentioned in this article, revealing that Dolores and Isabelle are the oldest among the team.

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  1. Luisa has two siblings. Mirabel, and Isabela. Isabela is the oldest. Luisa is younger than her, but is the older sister of Mirabel, who is the youngest. Therefore, she is the middle child. Just because she is bigger than her sisters, doesn’t mean that she is the oldest.

  2. So Pepa was 45 when she had Antonio. I was wondering how old the three twins were when they had their kids because Abuela said the candle was 50 years old.


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