Elf on the Shelf Scam {Dec 2021} Useful Information!

This article gives a detailed explanation with some additional thoughts on Elf on the Shelf Scam.

It is Christmas month, and we know that all of you are busy purchasing various things for your home and kids. 

However, are you aware of the latest scam in the market? It is the Elf on the Shelf kit. The scammer was smart enough to dupe the innocent moms in Houston, United States. Therefore, complaints were raised and were alerted by the police. Take a glimpse at this article below that focuses on the Elf on the Shelf Scam.

What is Elf on the Shelf kit?

It is the period of Christmas, and it is the time for the arrival of Santas elves. The story of Santa elves began with the Children’s book named A children Tradition. This book excites children for welcoming the tiny humans called Santa elves. It explains the story of elves who hide out in the house and notice the naughty child.

Elf on the Shelf kit represents this story, and children are always excited to play with the kit. Parents also have an exciting challenge for testing their lying skills.

Before understanding the Elf on the Shelf Scam, let us go through the process of how the scam was held.

How was the scam conducted?

Suddenly, several moms across Houston highlighted the issue. The issue was they had not received the Elf on the Shelf kit that they had ordered. This beautiful kit that attracted many moms was available in Facebook groups.

The cost at 50 $, and the customer paid half the cost (25 $) as the deposit. However, after order and payment, the kit had not been delivered. The seller did not respond even after several messages and calls.

Warning in Pearland on Elf on the Shelf Scam.

Children are overwhelmed every year by the Christmas decorations, and it will boom this year too. So, all parents will be purchasing Elf on the Shelf for their children.

However, the parents of Pearland have an undue warning from the police department.

The police department of Pearland posted the alert on their Facebook page. Officers are made alert for the scam that is around in Facebook groups. This scam was conducted while purchasing Elf on the Shelf, and the seller of this product failed to deliver it to customers.

Why is it trending these days? 

Elf on the Shelf Scam was conducted on the most renowned social media platform, Facebook. It is the Christmas craze among children, and hence, parents are searching for valuable and unique products for decorations. However, there was the rise of reports from several moms claiming that they were scammed after purchasing Elf on the Shelf kit that made this scam in trend these days.

NOTE: The knowledge shared in this report is thoroughly researched by referring to the news from the internet.

Final verdict

This write-up will provide the action and the announcement taken for Elf on the Shelf Scam. Several moms had lost their money to the scammers. So, we suggest you explore the legitimacy of any product before you give it a try. Comment down your experience below. Additionally, find the post of the Pearland Police department in this link.

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