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Check Full guidelines on our platform’s Write For Us Education guest post. Also, know more about related topics, advantages, and keywords.

Education, a dynamic field shaped by curriculum, teaching methods, and policies, undergoes constant changes, reforms, and trends. Individuals pursue career advancement through Education and skill development. Parents seek educational insights for their children, while students look for effective resources such as online courses, workshops, and updates on school policies.

Share your education expertise through Write For Us Education guest posts. Check our guidelines for contributing to educational discussions.

About Marifilmines.com:

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Marifilmines.com fosters community engagement in Educational topics and wants to serve as a significant source of Education-related facts. Therefore, we allow bloggers to post their Education guest posts on our platform.

Qualifications of an Education Write for Us blogger:

  • We do not require certification or degree related to the educational field. However, writers should be good at putting down their thoughts about educational topics in writing.
  • Experience as an educator is valued.
  • Experience in writing guest posts, blogs, and articles is considered.

Skill sets of a blogger:

  • Writers should know about factors related to Education.
  • Writers need to be good at written communication.
  • Writers must understand the requirements of our audiences.
  • Writers should be able to research independently. 

SEO Guidelines:

  • Educational write-ups must not contain plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, commercial links, offensive words, controversial content, exaggerated rumors, unconfirmed fake information, and passive voice.
  • Organize your Education Write for Us guest posts with bullet points, titles, and subtitles.
  • Present factual details and numbers by avoiding fake information.
  • The write-up must be easy to understand with a high readability score.
  • More than 80% of Education guest posts should be written in an active voice. 
  • Consistently use keywords at the correct density for Search Engine Optimization.

General guidelines:

  • Guest posts content should be related to Education topics.
  • Hard-to-understand sentences and redundancy should be avoided.
  • Articles should include two non-copywriter pictures, an introduction, one backlink, two Do-followup links, links to sources of information, and FAQs. 
  • Education “Write for Us” articles must include an unbiased conclusion.
  • The article should contain a minimum of 800 words, not exceeding 1,500 words. 


Readers advocating educational reforms often visit our platforms for updates, research insights, and building their initiatives. They seek successful models, innovative approaches, and global challenges in Education, exploring their impact on social mobility, equality, and cultural development.

Our audience is keen on discovering new tools, platforms, and digital resources to enrich the learning experience for students, educators, and concerned parents and guardians by accessing Education “Write for Us” guest posts related to but not limited to:

21st Century Educational Skills/Adaptive Learning/Assessment/Assessment and Testing/Blended Learning/Book Reviews and Recommendations/Career Development/Career Development and Skills Training/Career Development Resources/Classroom Assessment/Classroom Management/College and School Reviews/Competency-Based Education/Critical Analysis of Educational Issues/Critical Thinking/Cross-Cultural Education Insights/Cultural and Diversity in Education/Cultural Competence/Curriculum/Digital Literacy/Diversity/Early Childhood/Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Education Initiatives/EdTech/EdTech Product Launches and Updates/Education and COVID-19 Updates/Education for Sustainable Development/Education Funding and Budgets/Education in the Workplace News/Education Policy and Reform/Education Policy Updates/Education Services and Support/Education Technology Updates/Educational Assessment Methods/Educational Equity and Inclusion News/Educational Events and Conferences/Educational Leadership/Educational Podcasts and Webinars/Educational Policy Analysis/Educational Product Deals and Discounts/Educational Products and Tools/Educational Psychology/Educational Research/Educational Research Breakthroughs/Educational Theory and Pedagogy/Write for Us + Education on Educational Webinars and Conferences/E-Learning/E-Learning/Emerging Trends in Education/Experiential Learning/Flipped Classroom/Formative Assessment/Gamification/Global Citizenship Education/Global Education/Global Education Comparisons/Global Education News/Graduation Rates and Dropout Statistics/Guidance on Choosing a Major or Career Path/Higher Education/Higher Education/Higher Education Admission Trends/Higher Education Trends/Historical Perspectives on Education/Inclusion/In-Depth Educational Articles/Innovative Teaching Methods/Interviews with Education Experts/Language Learning/Language Learning/Learning Apps and Games Recommendations/Learning from Failure in Education/Learning Resources for Homeschooling/Learning Strategies and Techniques/Learning Styles/Legislative Changes Affecting Education/Lifelong Learning/Literacy/Maker Education/Mindfulness in Education/Mobile Learning/Neuro-education/Neuroscience and Learning/Online Assessments/Online Learning/Online Learning Platforms and Reviews/Open Educational Resources (OER)/Open Educational Resources (OER) Repositories/Parenting/Parenting and Education/Parenting and Education Advice/Pedagogical Approaches/Pedagogy/Peer Learning/Personal Finance for Students and Graduates/Philosophy of Education Discussions/Policy/Professional Development Opportunities/Project-Based Learning/Psychology/Psychology of Learning and Education/Write for Us + Education on Research-Based Educational Insights/Reviews of Educational Events and Expos/School and University Rankings/School Safety and Security Updates/Self-directed Learning Resources/Skill-building Workshops and Courses/Special Education/Special Education/STEM/Student Achievements/Student Engagement/Student Loan and Financial Aid Guidance/Study Abroad Guides and Advice/Subject-Specific Guides/Subscription-based Learning Services/Teacher Spotlight/Teacher Training/Teaching and Classroom Strategies/Test Preparation Tips and Resources/Updates on Standardized Testing Policies/Vocational and Technical Education Updates, Etc.

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Advantages of Education + “Write for Us”:

  • Strengthen your ability to research, write, and expand your knowledge.
  • Expand your network by connecting with target readers and creating new opportunities.
  • Boost online visibility through specific education topics, backlinks, and keywords.
  • Gain recognition for your educational guest posts and increasing internet presence.
  • Easily accessible education guest posts for our readers showcase your knowledge to interested professionals.

Submitting guest posts:

You can directly submit your Educational guest posts to infomarifilmine@gmail(dot)com (or) submit a sample of your educational articles for review. Our team will contact you before publishing or within 24 hours of your submitting Education + “Write for Us” write-ups. If you have questions, contact our editorial team using the email provided earlier. 

Final thoughts:

Writers can choose any topics related to Education, not limited to the ones mentioned earlier. Please note that our editorial team reserves the right to delete (or) change the contents of your Education guest posts. Once your Education guest posts get approval, please refrain from submitting them on other platforms.

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