Ecowarm Reviews {Nov 2022} Read It Before Shopping!

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By Marifilmines Team

If you plan to buy a portable room heater at a significant discount, read this Ecowarm Reviews to know its legitimacy.

The winter season is on its way, and it will be too cold. While we wear winter clothes when we go out of our homes, did you wonder how to stay warm inside your house? How about staying warm when more members are present in the place? 

In the United KingdomCanada, and the United States, EcoWarm heater provides a solution. Would you like to read about the product – Ecowarm Reviews?

About Ecowarm:

Off-course we cannot be comfortable wearing outdoor winter clothes inside the house. You may prefer a heater to keep the room warm as a family. 

EcoWarm is a portable heater that is powerful enough to heat the room. Once you switch on EcoWarm, it rapidly heats the room in minutes. It is built using convection ceramic warming technology that helps in targeting specific areas for heating. Due to Its technology, it is highly energy efficient. 

It blows hot air, which instantly comforters you. But, this does not make it noise. Ecowarm Reviews shows that it can detect the inner temperature to avoid overheating the room; it can automatically shut down. Additionally, it has a timer function by which you can set the amount of time it needs to be working. It has an L.E.D. display for the temperature and can be operated with a remote (or) manually.

How to operate Ecowarm?

  • Chose a plug point away from objects and water,
  • Plug the EcoWarm directly into the power outlet,
  • Switch EcoWarm on with remote control (or) manually,
  • Set the temperature and the timer (or) leave it to power off automatically after approximately six hours.

Specifications of Ecowarm:

  • Ecowarm Reviews analyzed that the heater is small in size and portable.
  • EcoWarm weight is less than 150 grams.
  • EcoWarm Provides quick heating.
  • EcoWarm is cordless and can be plugged indirectly.
  • EcoWarm features Overheat protection.
  • EcoWarm has a high rate of electrothermal conversion.
  • EcoWarm is flame resistant.
  • EcoWarm features low and high-speed modes.
  • EcoWarm can be operated with remote (or) manually.
  • EcoWarm can auto shut off once the internal temperature reaches 122° F.
  • EcoWarm features timer and temperature control.
  • EcoWarm is Priced at a 50% discount at $37.49.

Advantages of EcoWarm:

  • The Ecowarm Reviews found that it is sold at a whopping 50% discount.
  • Fast delivery of EcoWarm.
  • Lightweight, portable, and hassle-free operation.

Disadvantages of EcoWarm:

  • High shipping charge of $10.95.
  • EcoWarm is not suitable for large spaces.

Is Ecowarm Effective and Valuable?

To provide you with information about the product and brand legitimacy, we have extensively reviewed EcoWarm. Please find the details of the findings below.

About the brand:

  • EcoWarm is sold on But, it is a generic brand.
  • The brand name EcoWarm pertains to a different company. 
  • specific EcoWarm is not present on social media.
  • Ecowarm Reviews discovered that the official EcoWarm company has another official website.
  • has a high threat profile, and it is regarded as a suspicious website.
  • has a terrible trust score of 1%.
  • is a recently created website on 1st October 2021.

About the product:

  • Several products are look-a-like models of EcoWarm portable heater on the shopping sites and on the internet.
  • No reviews are available on the product or on social media.
  • There is a look-a-like model for sale on different sites from several brands.
  • Therefore, the EcoWarm portable heater is a newly added product on

Ecowarm Reviews by customers:

There are no customer reviews posted for the EcoWarm website Several reviewing sites had given the website a poor trust score and high threat score on the internet. 

There are no specific reviews found for the EcoWarm portable heater from There are several look-a-like heaters from China that were reviewed on shopping sites. 

There are no reviews on social media sites and YouTube for this specific EcoWarm portable heater. There are no product reviews present on Therefore, before purchasing EcoWarm, please read about Product Legitimacy.

The Alexa ranking of the EcoWarm website is 2,683,907, which is poor.


Ecowarm Reviews concludes that the portable heater is a generic brand sold on The EcoWarm website is NOT legitimate due to its recent launch, terrible trust index, high threat profile, and short life expectancy. EcoWarm portable heater is a SCAM as it is sold at a high discount to extract money from customers.

Were the EcoWarm portable heater reviews informative? Then, please leave your feedback about this article on EcoWarm.


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      • Received heater today. 8th jan works fine instruction leaflet included and remote. No markings at all on the actual heater of safety ratings wattage etc.just a ce label on the box and double square for sec insulation. 1000watt


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