[Full Video] Dusan Janjic Cat Video: Why the Content is Going Viral on Different Platforms? What’s Present in It? Check Facts Now!

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Do you know the details of the tragic video of Dusan Janjic Cat? Are you aware of the reason behind the growing limelight of the video recently? This news topic is mainly popular in Vietnam

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What is the viral video of Dusan Janjic Cat?

A very tragic and disturbing video is making rounds on the internet platforms. In the video, a group of two or three men are collectively abusing an innocent cat in an empty street in Zurich, Switzerland. The source of the video is not found yet, but the content is gaining popularity widely. The Dusan Janjic Cat Video is viral in Germany as the ‘Katze Cat’ video means cat in German. The reference links are given below for more understanding.

Further details of the incident 

The content is circulating on various social media networking sites like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc. The video shows the innocent cat being beaten up by a group of grown-up men. The full video is removed from the public platforms because it violates the policies of social media platforms as it shows violent acts. 

Public reaction over the viral video:

The disturbing video has sparked outrage among internet users. The public has expressed empathy and grief for the cruelty shown in the Dusan Janjic Cat Video. The footage contains violent acts, which are considered extreme crimes. The public is demanding punishment for the involved persons as the behaviour of the men was unacceptable on humanitarian grounds. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.

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What are the steps taken by the Police department concerning the cat video? 

The video, which has grabbed everyone’s attention and caused distress, is currently under investigation for the time being to find out the culprit of the heinous crime. Switzerland’s animal protection laws are very strict, so it is likely the matters the men behind the Dusan Janjic Cat Video are to be punished severely. 

The quick legal actions show the seriousness of the situation and the government’s dedication to animal safeguarding laws. The men in the video will receive a fair chance to stand for trial, and if convicted, they will likely receive fines and imprisonment. 

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The video showcases extreme cruelty towards the defenseless animal, which has left heart-wrenching emotions in the viewer’s mind. Neithzens demand strict actions towards the preceptors to bring justice to the innocent cat.


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Dusan Janjic Cat Video: FAQs

Q1. What are the contents of the Dusan Janjic Cat’s viral video? 

As per the reports, the video involves a man brutally attacking and kicking an innocent cat mercilessly. 

Q2. What are the identities of the man in the video? 

The man’s identity is still not confirmed, but one of them is identified as Dusan Janjic. 

Q3. When did the video go viral on social media platforms? 

The video first came out on 29th July 2023.

Q4. What are the counter steps taken by the authorities concerning the footage? 

Shortly after the Dusan Janjic Cat Video went viral, an investigation team was formed to discover the men’s identity. 

Q5. Is the video still available on social media? 

No, the original clip is taken down from the public domain, but several copied links, images and screenshots are still in circulation. 

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