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This news article will share details about the Truth Social application and discuss the Downloads Truth Social.

Do you know about the Truth Social application? Do you know who launched this application and how many downloads are there? There are many questions about this application among the people. 

The United States former President Donald Trump has launched the Trust Social application. As the launch took place a few months back, it is important to know how many downloads there are and how much its reach is. Therefore, in this article, we will study Downloads Truth Social

How many people have downloaded the Truth Social application? 

Former United States President Donald Trump has launched the Truth Social application as a social media portal. According to a recent report, the ranking of the Truth Social application topped the list, succeeded by Twitter at the second rank. 

The highest number of people have downloaded the Truth Social application on iPhone. According to the reports, the ranking of the Truth Social application was 52nd till Monday, and Twitter ranked 39. But as Tesla overtook Twitter, people started downloading the Truth Social application, and it came to the first rank, making Twitter second in the world. 

Therefore, to answer Truth Social How Many Downloadswe can find that in comparison to the April 18th to 25th downloads, there was a 150% increase in the number of people who downloaded this application. 

It is said that this download number increased due to the reports of Tesla overtaking Twitter, and therefore people started taking alternative options of Twitter as the Truth Social application, which Former US President Donald Trump launched. 

Therefore, the number of people using the Truth Social application increased exponentially. We might see certain changes due to Tesla’s decision toward Twitter; there might be people who would feel the Truth Social application is more reliable, and downloads might increase further. 

Truth Social How Many Downloads are there in the world? 

According to the reports, we can find that as Tesla declared to overtake Twitter, people changed their minds from Twitter to the Truth Social application. As Former US President Donald Trump launched this application against his rival in politics, the application was on 52nd rank globally. 

But as the scenario changed after Tesla’s declaration, it became the first rank holder, and it is the most downloaded application on iPhone. Therefore, we can find its change in ranking, and it must also be noted that Twitter became the second rank holder. 

What is the significance of the Truth Social application according to Downloads Truth Social

The Truth Social application is a social media portal similar to other social media portals. There is not much difference between these applications, and these applications have many similarities. Further, click here if you want to gain more information about it.

Final Verdict: 

Truth Social application is the social media portal that Former US President Donald Trump launched. It was against his rival political party, and therefore it was limited to a few people. 

But as Twitter was under Tesla, the Downloads Truth Social increased and made it number one. Which social media portals do you use? Mention it in the comment section below. 

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