{Full Video} Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal: Check Viral Video & It’s Impact On Instagram, Youtube, Telegram!

Collect the trending information about popular Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal video along with details of Instagram, Youtube, Telegram.  

Are you aware of natural healing therapy or chiropractic? Dr. Tyler Bigenho, who is a renowned chiropractor and a famous health influencer, is trending online because of a video. Tyler’s clip went spread in many countries including Philippines. Check out the details here of the popular video and what is the scandal.

In actuality, was there any scandal in this news? Check to find, read the article on the Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal.   

Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal Complete details:

A chiropractor doctor who has made naturopathic videos for social media has accumulated 2.3 million followers on TikTok and 358,000 Instagram follower. Generally, his videos are about posture fixing, spinal correction, muscle relaxation, tension massages, etc. He never uses any medical devices and treats with his hand.

A recent Twitter video by Tyler Bigenho showed Tyler performing on a young woman a natural healing treatment, and this procedure seemed extremely harsh and unethical, and it went so popular on social media that the public began to censure him for it. All the way a doctor has always shown sympathy towards his patients.

Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal Complete details

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Doc Tyler Viral Video

However, we could see other videos of patients and their treatment. However, the scandalous photos and video are not currently available online. The video of Tylerand’s treatment got popular on Twitter, and he became embroiled in an online scandal after the audience found his touches and movements inappropriate. He deceives people with his treatment through chiropractic way, according to the audience; which is not true.

Infected young woman treated with Tyler

As the news spread on the various platforms of social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, people started searching for the video to peep the facts. However, that video was taken down due to the controversy, which harmed his patient and his privacy.

Infected young woman treated with Tyler

Some personal information about Tyler Bigenho:

When the news is populated, people showed interest in knowing his marital status as well. And everywhere the searched for his wife and her name has populated. So, let us mention here that he is not married, so he does not have a wife. 

In continuation to the Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal, nevertheless, he had been in connection to a woman known as Jales Aurora for many years. Tyler recently attended his sister’s wedding in which he wore this wedding dress, which led people to think that he is getting married therefore wanted to know who Tyler Bigenho’s wife was; however, it was Tyler and’s sister who got married.

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More on Doc Tyler Viral Video

This scandalous video went viral on social media, causing a lot of controversy; that is why as per Tyler;s statement in response to the all-news. He stated that he had treated this woman with ethnic and medical treatment, that was a natural treatment. In Tyler Bigenho’s Twitter video, he even raise question his medical license and number 39. 

More on Doc Tyler Viral Video

The young lady was helped by Tyler’s treatment to heal herself, he emphasizes and admits. Tyler is originally from California and he developed a huge natural healing interest as a child, which led him to earn his neuroscience bachelor’s degree at the University of California. Following his graduation from the University of Southern California, he earned a master’s degree in Chiropractic.

Aftermaths of the news

Following the Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal and several photos with other doctors, he struggled to find a decent job. People did not trust chiropractic procedures, so he opened his own medical chiropractic clinic, Newport Beach, California. Currently, he is a successful health influencer as well as an excellent chiropractor.

His hospital was initially developed by working hard, and he decided private practice as a business model, so he began focusing only on patient health, thus collecting a large number of real patients. In addition to spreading smears against Tyler, the scandalous video has also taken away patients’ privacy.

Social media:




Hence, in the Doc Tyler Twitter Scandal discussion we saw that the doctor Bigenho’s natural treatments received a great deal of attention and criticism. He did not let the news issue deviate him from performing his duties. He posts his natural remedies on social media; however, he removed the viral video.

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