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We’ve mentioned all the details on Diary a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested and the difference between the degree of murders.

Do you remember any controversy involving celebrities? The fame and limelight an actor or actress receives are incomparable. But it comes with a drawback, every move of theirs is being watched. So, sometimes, they end up tangled in controversies.

One such incident was Ryan Grantham, a famous actor in the United States and Canada who is hitting the headlines after pleading guilty to killing. Keep scrolling to know more on Diary a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested.

What exactly happened?

Ryan Grantham, best known for his roles in ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, had allegedly tried to plot the killing of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. While ruling out the judgement, British Columbia Supreme Court pleaded Grantham guilty to second-degree killing in March this year. He shot his mother, Barbara Waite, aged 64, in their house.

Earlier, he was charged with first-degree killing, but in March 2022, he was found guilty of second-degree killing of his mother. Later, he had plans to drive to Ottawa to assassinate Justin Trudeau. But, he changed his mind and went to Vancouver police headquarters to turn himself in.

More on Diary a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested

As per some sources, Grantham rehearsed the killing and even filmed his mother’s lifeless body after the killing. In addition, two medical reports cited in the court stated that the 24-year-old actor was suffering from severe clinical depression.

Severe Clinical Depression is a mental health disorder and is the more-severe type of depression. One of its symptoms is recurrent or frequent thoughts of death, suicidal attempts, and suicidal thoughts.

Oxford University Department of Psychiatry conducted a study which stated that people with the depressive illness are three times more likely to commit a crime than other people. Many people were curious to know the details of the Diary a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested case even though it surfaced a few months ago.

Difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree killing 

First-degree killings are premeditated, i.e. planned. The first degree is the most severe form of killing and is committed with the intention to kill the victim without any regard for human life. Second-degree killing is intentional killing without premeditation. 

The defendant may intend to harm, but the intention to kill is unnecessary. The third degree is the least severe and involves premeditated killing. In simpler terms, it means unintentionally causing someone’s death while committing a dangerous act. Diary a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested case made many people wonder about the extent of the negative impacts of depression.

Final Verdict 

Ryan Grantham was battling severe mental illness ahead of the day he killed his mother. Prosecutors claim that he rehearsed the killing. It is said that he killed his mother to spare her from witnessing the violence he intended to commit later. This news came as a shock to many people who adored him. But instead, he turned into a second-degree killing convict. Read here Did you find the article Diary a Wimpy Kid Actor Arrested informative? Comment below with your opinion and let us know.

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