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This is all about a thrilling American crime mystery based on the life of Dexter, and it would be enough for solving your queries on Dexter New Blood Wiki.

Dexter New Blood is the continuation of the old United States or American Crime Thriller Dexter. The Cast is the same as the previous series as Michael along  reprising the role of Dexter and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgon with  Julia Jones,David Magidoff,  Jack Alcott, Alano MillerJohnny Sequoyah and Clancy Brown as the new cast members in the new series.. The series story was set up after the ten years finale of “Remember the Monsters, “which was broadcast in 2013. The first episode premiered on 7th November on showtime. This is a small introduction to the Dexter New Blood Wiki.  

Character story:

the story starts from the ending of previous series (Dexter), he flew to Miami to start a new life after faking his death. He started a new life forgetting his past deeds. He was comfortably leading a new life as a shopkeeper and a relationship with Iron Lake City, New York, town’s chief of police, Angela Bishop, and buried his serial killing urges. The misfortune again picked him when similar events started in the town, and he feared that this event could wake up his other negative character explained in Dexter New Blood Wiki.

Audiences successfully received the first series, and so the second part was introduced. Dexter became an orphan at a very young age as he witnessed his mother’s death by a chainsaw, and this gave him trauma and started turning him into a psychopath. As he was protected by his father he often escaped and working in police department kept him away from all doubts. Soon after the finale the viewers found the previous series unsatisfactory and after release date audiences started scrolling information on the latest information on the new series in Dexter New Blood Wiki.

Harry Morgon (Miami Police Officer) adopted him, manipulating his trauma to kill a criminal who escapes law and justice. Working as a Forensic Analyst, he started killing criminals and dumped them into Ocean’s Gulf Stream. This is a little bit of an explanation of his other character of a serial killer from the first part.In the last episode,he faked his death and flew to Newyork to lead a happy and stressfree life forgetting  about his past.The trailor got a huge response and the first episode got millions views on showtime,better than previous one.

Episode information in Dexter New Blood Wiki.

The series trailer tells about the new life of Dexter moving to a new life in the new city in New York and starting living as a shopkeeper, happy and nice to other people in the society. He came into a relationship with the local police-officer chief and controlled his other serial killer character. Everything was going fine in his way until a series of events started occurring in the town, and he became afraid that his second character would come out. The series would consist of new episodes, and journey’s about his character.


Thus, this information is about Dexter New Blood Wiki and its new episodes based on his journey. The first episode premiered on 7th November 2021, titled “Cold Snap.” The first series laid a beautiful foundation for the second part, and the audience got excited about the 2nd part. There will be a total of episode 8 premiering every one week on showtime. This is all about the new seriesWas this article informative to you? Please share your views.

Was this article informative to you? Please share your views.

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