Devyn Pulisic Sister (Sep 2021) All You Need To Know!

The post talks about Devyn Pulisic Sister of Christian Pulisic, and her life.

Christian Pulisic is quite popular among the Chelsea team of the United States. As a professional soccer player who is best known as Captain America by his team. He plays as an attacking midfielder or a winger for the Premier League club.

However, this post is not about Christian but about his sister, who has charmed the audience. Fans of Christian across the internet are eager to know about his family. Especially about Devyn Pulisic Sister of Christian Pulisic.

This article covers in detail Devyn Pulisic and everything about her life and career. So, stay tuned till the end.

Who is Devyn Pulisic?

Devyn Pulisic enjoys popularity, especially as the sister of Christian Pulisic, the renowned soccer player from the United States. Devyn is not behind and enjoys her identity, coming from a family of popular and talented individuals.

She was born on 10 April 1996 to Mark Pulisic, her father and Kelly Pulisic, her mother. Besides, her brother is a soccer player, but also her father was a famous football player. He presently works as a football coach.

We would know more about Devyn Pulisic Sister of Christian, in the coming sections. So, do continue to read.

More Facts about Devyn Pulisic

  • Her father is a football coach, and her mother is a teacher by profession.
  • Devyn Pulisic has two brothers, Christian and Chase
  • She spent her early life in Hershey, Pennsylvania, with her family
  • However, she is not in the same profession as her father and brother.
  • Devyn Pulisic chose to be an entrepreneur where she is running her own business.
  • She is a very private person who doesn’t like to divulge much about her personal life.
  • Besides, she is active on social media platforms.

What is Devyn Pulisic Sister of Christian professionally?

Devyn Pulisic is hugely close to her brother Christian. She owns a stable business and is the owner of Tranquility Stables LLC. Besides, she also coaches people in horse riding. Moreover, she has also trained her brother and taught him how to ride horses.

On the professional front, Devyn, with her business, is financially stable and generates huge revenue with her stable business every year. As per sources, she loves to travel with his brothers and boyfriend, which is evident with the photos posted on her social media handle.

As we did a little sneak peek into Devyn Pulisic Sister of a soccer player, we found that her total net worth is $800 thousand. Furthermore, she has over 13.6K followers on Instagram.

Concluding Remarks

Being the sister of a famous soccer player and daughter of a yesteryear football player and coach, Devyn has made her place in society and has an individualistic identity. She is an entrepreneur who owns the Tranquility Stables LLC and also teaches horse riding. However, she also garners a lot of limelight and followers considering that she is Devyn Pulisic Sister of Christian Pulisic

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