{Full Video Link} Desertor Ruso Martillo Video Twitter: Why Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram? Know Facts!

In this article, we will check the sensational feed of Deserter Ruso Martillo Video Twitter and the netizen's reaction to the incident.

Did you see the Russian Mercenary hammer death Video? Why is this video creating a blunder on social media? The execution video of a Russian soldier during the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine is trending on social media. 

Worldwide, people are watching the video and looking at the disgraceful execution of military officers in Ukraine. Everyone wants to know how he got into the hands of the Ukrainian force. Additionally, people want to know more about Deserter Ruso Martillo Video Twitter and whether he is really dead.

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Inside the Twitter Video

The viral video on Twitter contains inappropriate visuals of a Russian Wagner Group member. In the video, an officer sat in a dark area, held imprisoned, and talked about himself. The man in the army uniform described his troop and his details. In the second video clip, the Russian Mercenary was taped on the wall along with a brick projection. 

In the Tiktok viral video, the man was asking for mercy, in which the Ukrainian soldier hit him with the sledgehammer on the head. People went crazy watching the videos on Twitter and criticised this act. Netizens have gone wild and are asking for such inhuman treatment. However, no valid outcome came from the public reaction, and it’s all part of the war. 

Viral On Reddit 

Soon after Twitter uploaded it, the video was also trending on Reddit. Where Ready is a popular platform for making memes and funny content, but everyone was terrified after watching the disgusting act. People condemn this act and request any possible retracement to avoid further fatal execution. However, the head of Wegner Group calls the video fake and staged and reports the victim alive. 

Moreover, you can also watch the video on YouTube, as multiple news channels show the cover page of the video or a small clip. The Russian militant was held hostage by the Ukrainian army while trying to escape the prison. The victim’s video clearly says that he is dead, and he told the Russian force insider details, but the Leader of Wagner Group denies that. 

About the Victim 

People are searching for his details, including Instagram and other social handles, to find out about him and his personal life. However, Wegner Group members are so confidential that they do not reveal their details to anyone. You can find a few of his information from the wiki details.

Wiki Details 


Dmitry Yakushchenko 
Date of Death Unconfirmed
Nationality  Russian
Age 44


Social Media Link 

Final Verdict

The video of the Wegner Group member execution is circulating on social media to show the superiority of Ukraine. The Accident occurred after the war cooldown when both nations decided to swap their prisoners with their respective countries. 

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Desertor Ruso Martillo Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1 Is Dmitry Yakushchenko dead? 

There is no confirmation about his death but according to the video people believe he is dead.

Q2 Who is the president of Ukraine? 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Q3 When did the war begin? 

The current war begins on 24 February 2022.

Q4 Who is the leader of the Wagner Group?

Yevgeny Prigozhin is the founder and the leader of Wagner Group.

Q5 Can we download the Dmitry Yakushchenko video on Telegram? 

Yes, you can download the video on Telegram.

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