Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021 (Oct) What Happened Here?

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The below post shares the details of the Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021; please have a look at it.

First of all, we would like to convey our heartfelt condolences to the whole family and friends of Legend Raegan Cassels Williamson on his sudden demise. On Sunday, the incident took place where the young legend lost his life in an accident; it’s a great and irreplaceable loss to the family.

Let us know about the entire incident, when and where it took place, and many essential details of Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021 in today’s post, which is widely in the news in the United States.

About The Incident 

At Beauregard Parish Arena, a young 10-year-old was killed in a horse accident on Sunday, October 3, 2021; as per the sources, it has been recognized that Raegan Cassels Williamson is the victim.

The Beauregard Arena has organized the Texas Region Junior High Rodeo. On Saturday, Williamson had second place in team-roping, and he was enthusiastically warming up for the finals. 

Don’t know what went wrong; but as per the sources, his horse underwent a medical emergency, fell, landing on Williamson, and the young lost his life in this tragic Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021. Now let us get the details of the Texas Junior Rodeo Association.

Texas Region Junior High Rodeo

It is a nonprofit association created in 2004 that proudly represents future youth and encourages sportsmanship and competitive spirit. All members of the association are encouraged and expected to maintain high standards. 

In August, TJHRA Rodeo Season starts and ends in May, where participants compete for massive scholarships and awards. So naturally, people of the United States are curious to know when and where this incident took place; below are the details, so keep reading.

Where and When Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021 Did Take Place?

Williamson was a Texas Junior High Rodeo participant who lost his life in a horse accident in Beauregard Parish Arena on October 3. 

Legend Williamson Family And Friends Reaction To His Sudden Demise

Friends are very sad, and on various social media, they express their sorrow and grief; here are the few friends’ reactions to Williamson’s death.

Cynthia said, “It’s a tremendous loss. May you keep Williamson and his family in your prayers, and the grief is unbearable.”

Another friend of his reacted to Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021 like this “he is a great friend of mine, please keep him in your prayers, I miss his accent, and may God give great strength to his family.” You may read more details about the incident here

Closing Thoughts

May his soul rest in peace! It’s a great loss to his family and friends, we hope the family overcomes the grief soon, and the little young boy stays in our hearts forever. All the details are based on our research and online sources; if any information is obtained further, we will update it here.

What is your opinion about Deridder Rodeo Accident 2021? Kindly leave your message and condolence in the comment box below. 

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