Dave Chappelle On Will Smith {April} JA Rule’s Remarks!

This post on Dave Chappelle On Will Smith will guide the readers on the ongoing controversies about the Oscars night show.

Have you watched the Oscar Awards 2022? All the social platforms are overflowing with the incident between Chris and Will. The audience from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are willing to know about the incident. Furthermore, their minds are pushed by knowing remarks of  Dave Chappelle On Will Smith

So, this write-up will inform you of the details about this happening. Then, the audience can take out some spare time to read this report.

Why did Will Slap Rock?

Before we judge this report, we need to disclose the incident. On Oscar’s Eve, Chris, the presenter, wisecracker on Jada’s short hair. She experienced acute hair fall due to alopecia. Will could not control himself and walked randomly towards Rock and slammed the presenter. He screamed not to make such unforgivable remarks to Jada. In addition, Chris didn’t react aggressively and continued the night show.

Dave Chappelle Comments On Will Smith

A similar incident happened about twenty years ago when Dave made the witty remark on JA Rule on a famous show on MTV. Netizens started recalling the incident of September 11. Interestingly, this is still going after twenty years. Dave said that we see JA Rule on our mobile phones. Further, he states that nobody is interested in knowing about JA Rule’s ideologies in this incident. Now, netizens are questioning Will’s views as Dave also made some underhanded wisecracks. 

JA Rule also tweeted on Twitter about the incident. He said that this season of slapping is official in the session. 

Dave Chappelle On Will Smith

Will Smith slapped Chris, which was criticized by many netizens. Even Chris was slammed with questions about his banal remarks. However, the audience wants to know the views of Dave Chappelle’s ideas. The paparazzi questioned Dave, but he didn’t utter any response. Furthermore, people are guessing that if it was Dave instead of Rock as a presenter and this happened to him, he would not have sat quiet, and most likely, he would have hit back at Will. He would have broiled Smith until he and his wife left the show. According to the fans, this could be the response of  Dave Chappelle On Will Smith.

Please note that all these details have been gathered from web research and trusted sources. So, the readers can rely upon the information shared by us. 


Summing up this post, we found every detail of the incident that happened on Oscars night. You will learn about the views of Dave on this incident. Furthermore, you will know about the incident that happened twenty years ago between JA Rule and Dave. 

The viewers can go to this link to know more about Ja Rule’s remarks on Will.

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