Dance In Front Of Cakes Not Working {Sep} Find Reason!

Did you play Fortnite and found that Dance in Front of Cakes Not Working? Let us review why it happened and also know about how to dance.

In Chapter two, Season eight of Fortnite, Epic Game has developed a quest to celebrate the birthday of Fortnite game. In this season, there are three quests given to the player in the United States. One of the quests is to dance in front of the birthday cake, and the next quest is to eat the birthday cake. 

So, let us check the details on Dance in Front of Cakes Not Working and its solution.

What is Fortnite?

It is a role-playing and survival game that is a cross-platform and multiplayer game. It was launched in July 2017. 

In season eight, on completing the quest, you will be awarded the Hoopla Hammer harvesting tool, Back Bling Emoticon. There are fourteen cakes placed at different locations. Below is the list of locations. 

  • Catty Corner, the cake is near the petrol station
  • Retail Row, the cake is at the main car-park
  • Misty Meadows, the cake is on the road towards the east side of the town. Let us review How to Dance in Front of Birthday Cakes Fortnite in the below section.
  • Lazy Lake, the cake is near the toll booth
  • Believer Beach, near the car-park
  • Pleasant Park, the cake is at the central park near the football ground
  • Coral Castle, the cake is at central ruins southern entrance
  • Craggy Cliffs, the cake is opposite to Fishsticks restaurant
  • Corny Crops, the cake is placed at the farmhouse
  • Steamy Stacks, the cake is at the car-park
  • Dirty Docks, the cake is near the southern side of a warehouse
  • Sludgy Swamp, the cake is in the middle of the factory area
  • Holly Hedges, the cake is at the entrance of the garden centre

Would you like to know Dance in Front of Cakes Not Working?

You can find balloons and a few other party stuff lying around the location. After finding the birthday cake, you need to come close to the cake. If you are far away from the cake, your dance moves will NOT be taken into account. So, once you are near the cake, PRESS ON THE D-PAD to start dance emotes. It is that simple. With this, your quest will be marked as completed. Please NOTE that you need to dance in front of at least four cakes at different locations to complete your quest. 

Dance in Front of Cakes Not Working:

In addition to the above locations, there are several other locations on the island where you can find the cake. For example, Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods locations. But, dancing in front of cakes at these locations is NOT COUNTED for completing the quest. 


Players danced in front of cakes at Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods locations, and their quest was still incomplete after completing four locations. Please NOTE that to complete your quest, you need to EXCLUDE Boney Burbs and Weeping Woods locations. But unfortunately, players assumed that Dance in Front of Cakes Not Working.

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