Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite {Dec 2021} Game Tutorial

Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite shares information about Delta one Quest of the chapter 3 season 1 of Fortnite games.       

The release of chapter 3, season 1 of Fortnite games, has a lot of challenges for gamers in the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherland, and the United States. Fortnite has added some characters, maps, skin, and new methods for the latest edition.

Players will have to complete several quests during this season to earn freebies. Gamers looking for freebies can complete Delta one quest and unlock Crimson Omen spray till 17th December 2021.

To know more about Delta one Quest and Crimson Omen Spray, read Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite till the end.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1:

Players of Fortnite have additional activities to perform with the release of the chapter 3 season on 5th December 2021. There are many new characters they can unlock for use in the gameplay, but they will have to get a battle pass before that.

For getting a battle pass player will have to pay 950 V bucks, which will cost around $7.99. Gamers can use these battle passes to unlock the character of their choice. Some of the characters that can be unlocked are Spiderman, Shanta, and Haven.

There are five delta one quests to be completed by players.

Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite:

The five delta one Quest for season one will start from 9th December 2021 and end on 17th December. For players, the five quests are listed below.

  • Collect Thrashball Memorabilia
  • Collect three COG Tags
  • Crouch behind Barrier
  • Damage opponent with Melee Attack
  •  Do shotgun Damage to an Opponent

Players need to find the Greasy Groove area on the map to complete the Crouch behind Barrier quest. The small town of Greasy Groove is located in the southwest part of the map and has few houses, and is covered with snow. 

After finding the location on the map, players need to complete the quest.

How to complete Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite Quest?

The new edition needs players to complete the operations once, and the quest will be completed. There are five barriers available on the map, and gamers need to go behind one of the barriers.

The five locations on the map are listed below.

  • One location is near the gas station of sleepy sound
  • The player can find one at outside of warehouses at Logjam Lumberyard
  • Condo Canyon gas station
  • Place opposite to Coney Crossroad gas station
  • Near Greasy Groove gas station

These are the five locations that players can target for completing Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite Quest. Players should go near one of the locations with cemented barriers and crouch behind it to complete the quest.

If it doesn’t happen once, try to move around the location until validated.

Final verdict:

Players need to hurry up and complete the quest as it is only till 17th December as the quest will end after the given date. Gamers can use this opportunity to getCrimson Omen Spray  as there are chances of it vanishing from the shop after the quest ends.

Gamers can share their thoughts about Delta one Quest in the comment section of Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite.

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